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How to make him want you: the MOST powerful tool!

by | December 24th 2021 | 0 comments

If you want to know how to make him want you like never before, how to make him crazy about you, how to make him fall in love and how to make him yours, you have come to the right place. I want to dedicate today’s article to the theme of making a man want you like never before. I know that when you have feelings for someone, it can be very challenging to navigate the situation and make him fall for you, especially if you’re worried about losing him. The moment you realize you have feelings, there are stakes and you might even start to feel anxious… But I want you to know that there is a very powerful tool that is available to you that will change everything. In this article, I want to teach you about reverse psychology and how you can use it to make this man become completely addicted to you. No, it’s not about playing games or trying to be someone you’re not. It’s about understanding the human mind so that you can adapt your approach and finally see real results. 

Ladies, by the time you reach the end of this article, you are going to have everything you need to know in order to make the man you want, want YOU!

Make him want you: the power of RP

When I am working with a client who comes to me saying, “I want him to want me but I’m not sure how to make it happen,” the first tool I share is reverse psychology. It’s so powerful because it has to do with emotional triggers that grant you access to the kind of relationship that you’ve always wanted. It’s about creating an important shift in the way that you approach the situation so that you can finally get better results. So let’s get right into it, shall we? The first tip I have for you has to do with changing your mindset. To illustrate this point, let me first tell you about a client I was working with this week. Jaime came to me saying “I want to make him want me,” so I asked her to start telling me about the dating process. She had been seeing the guy for close to two months and they’d go on dates about once a week, but she was feeling like he wasn’t as enthusiastic about these dates with her as she would have liked. So I asked her, “Jaime, what do you say when he proposes a date?” She replied, “Well, I say yes!” I asked her if she said yes to everything that he proposed, and she said yes… So I asked her if she put herself in his shoes, would it be safe to say that he would assume that she’d say yes to literally anything he would suggest? Again, the answer was yes. So then I explained to her what I am about to explain to you.

A man is naturally attracted to a challenge. I am sure you’ve heard this before, A human being will take for granted things that they feel they already “own,” things that are easy to get… And this applies to relationships as well. So because Jaime was agreeing to every single thing that this guy would propose, it started to become easier for him to take her for granted. He didn’t need to go out of his way to do something special that would attract her… and this was the problem. So here’s the very first tip I have for you. If you want to know how to make him want you, the next time he proposes a date, it should go like this:

Him: Hey, do you want to go to the movies this weekend?

You: Hi, I’d be happy to see you, but I’d love for us to go do something special.

What do you propose? Something very interesting happens here. In just one sentence you switch from making it easy for him to take you for granted to making him realize that he needs to step up. And guess what, this is how he will start to understand that you’re an exciting challenge. You aren’t like all the others because you have higher standards. He’ll need to work harder if he wants to attract you, and men thrive on this feeling. If you want to know the best way to make him want you, remember that he needs to view you as The Exciting Challenge. Let’s dive deeper into that…

How to make him want you: the Pro’s tips

So, you need to become The Challenge, and this happens by changing your mindset. It’s a natural thing that happens but more often than not, when you meet a man that you really like, a man that really interests you, you end up putting him on a pedestal. But if you want to make him want you more, you need to tell yourself that this guy is in love with YOU. This is how we begin to use reverse psychology because it will start to make him understand that it isn’t so easy to attract you. We need to reverse the situation. Instead of you chasing him, you need to look at the situation and think, “I know you are chasing me!” This way, you put yourself up on that pedestal, and that is exactly where you need to be. When you do successfully this, even if a man didn’t think that he was attracted to you, he’ll start to think about you in a different way. He will start to think, “I actually really want to see her, I want to talk to her… Do I have feelings for her?” A simple way to start doing this is through the way you flirt with him. Challenge him in a fun way. For example, don’t be afraid to flirt and say things like “You look at me differently… Do you have a crush on me?” Be daring and you’ll see that you’ll spark his attention. feeling insecure

The next tip I have for you has to do with explanation. If you want to know how to make him keep wanting you, tell him why you think hanging out with him would be fun. “I would love to go hiking with you because I really like your energy. I think we could have a lot of fun.” When a person hears something like this, they immediately pick up on the positive energy between you and they’d want to do what you’re proposing. You won’t look needy; you’ll be drawing his attention to what’s going on between you and it will make him feel excited about it. It isn’t a game or a sneaky trick. It’s just logical. You can use flirtation and challenge in this type of approach as well. For example, “I’d love to do karaoke with you. I bet you can’t carry a tune ;)” Truth be told, this is one of the most powerful tips I give my clients. Challenge is what motivates men. We are attracted to things we feel that we do not possess. It’s simply human nature! So if you tell this guy that you’d love to go to the beach and play volleyball with him because you’re sure you will beat him, you’re putting a challenge in his mind that will make him feel like he has to fight to beat you AND attract you.

This technique is very powerful because it’s based on emotional triggers. You know what’s interesting? I’ve been a relationship coach since 2007 and have coached over 30,000 people, and it is so unusual for women to suggest something like this to a man. So, challenge him if you want to make him want you! It’s easier than you might think to create attraction between you and a man and make him want you. You may be wondering why I am sharing all these tips with you in this article right now, but truth be told, this is just a small percentage of what I can do for you in a private coaching session. These aren’t things that we learn in school, and I have made it my mission to share my expertise and teach you how to make a guy want you more. But I am not done yet, I have some more useful info for you!

How to make him want you more: now and forever

how to keep him wanting more of you. Unfortunately, in his mind, he will have started to see you as somewhat needy or too present, and he’ll take you for granted. But that’s not what we want… We want a real relationship with a solid foundation, where there is love and appreciation of one another. We want him to pursue you and ask you to spend time with him. So I have some more tips for you to make him want you more. Let’s think about mindset again. If you like this guy then you’re probably thinking, “how can I make him want me,” but that is actually what needs to change. If you’re thinking, “How can I get this guy, how can I make him want me, what can I do to make him want to be with me,” etc, then you’re putting yourself in a weaker position. Why? Well, it’s because you are then chasing him, asking yourself what you need to do to deserve and get his attention… This is why we need to change our approach. Instead of viewing him as the prize, you need to view yourself as the prize that he needs to work for. From this moment on, every time you ask yourself how to make a man want you, I want you to replace the thought with, “I want him to fight for me.” You have to repeat this sentence to yourself every single day and believe me, you will see that there is a huge difference between “What can I do for him” and “I want him to fight for me.” You’ll feel the difference in the way you approach him and you will spark his attention. I get that this might sound weird to you because it doesn’t feel natural, but I work with people in the field every single day so I have seen the kinds of results it yields.HOW TO COMPLIMENT A GUY

So if you repeat to yourself that this guy needs to make an effort to attract you, then you will naturally change the way you interact with him and this will spark new emotions in him. He will start to feel an intense desire for you and he will feel that you’re the right one for him. Now, let’s talk a little about how to make a guy want you and chase you. If there is one thing to understand about guys, it’s that if they’re going to get into a relationship with a woman, it’s because they think she’s different. Men want someone unique, they want to be with someone that inspires them, and makes them feel lucky to have her. You feel the same way about guys, right? You don’t want to be with someone that’s just like everyone else, right? You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t feel special… So one of the most common questions that people ask me is about how to make a guy chase you, and that is why I wanted to write this article for you on the subject today. There are many things that I have understood over the years in my career as a love and relationship coach and I want to go over the best way to make a guy chase you. You’re in control of way more than you might realize, ladies! Let’s take a look at how to make this guy fight for you and begin a wonderful relationship with you!

\My friends, it all begins with you. It’s all about learning how to trust yourself and to have confidence in yourself. If you can be proud of what you bring to the table, know who you are and what you want to experience, you will experience a big shift in your life. You will stop thinking about what you can do to make this guy like you, and you will start to think more along the lines of “I want this guy to fight for me.” When this happens, everything changes! In the majority of cases, I see that when a woman likes a man and wants him to become more invested in the budding relationship, she’ll always say yes to whatever he proposes. She wants him to see that she’s easygoing and cool, and that it isn’t difficult to make plans with her. Unfortunately, what ends up happening is that he just takes her for granted because he knows that she’ll always be there. So the very first solution I have for you is to pay attention to thoughts like “How can I make a guy like me,” and train your mind to replace them with this simple sentence: This guy has to fight for me. There is only room for one on the pedestal, and it’s YOU! When a man tries to date you, he really needs to fight for you, and he really needs to think about how HE can stand out from the crowd. If you want a guy to chase you, you have to make him realize that you’re different and that he’s going to have to step up. So, ladies, let’s take a look at male psychology!

How to make a man chase you using male psychology: the key

The concept of male psychology isn’t always easy to understand because guys will often do things that don’t make sense to you. For example, I had one client not too long ago who told me that she had been dating a guy and things were getting serious between them, so she was telling him about how she felt. I remember her saying to me, “Alex, I don’t understand. I’ve been telling him that I love him, that I feel so great around him, that I’ve never felt this way about anyone before… I am telling him all the things I would absolutely love to hear, but I’m not getting a reaction from him. He doesn’t say it back to me! How can I tell if he feels the same way about me?” So I asked her to tell me about his actions. Does he go out of his way to make time to see her? Does he make an effort to do things that will make her happy? Does he pay attention to the details she shares with him about what she cares about, what kind of activities she likes to do, and does it reflect in his gestures? The thing about male psychology that we need to understand that we operate based on actions, not words. And this is just one of the many little things that we need to pay attention to when it comes to making a guy chase you! If you really want to get a reaction from this guy, you’re going to have to inspire him to take action. This doesn’t happen through words, it happens through your actions … he sends mixed signals

Maybe this has happened to you. Let’s say you started seeing this guy, things were going really well, he introduced you to his friends, he was making plans with you, and then one day he just pulls away. Maybe he even disappears. Why? What happened? He’ll start saying that he doesn’t feel the same way anymore, he doesn’t want to commit to a relationship… even though he was the one chasing you at the beginning of this relationship! Ladies, a guy always puts you on a pedestal when a relationship is budding. He’ll think, “Oh she’s amazing, I want her in my life” so he’ll try everything he can to attract you. The problem with human nature, and especially male psychology, is that we don’t value what we feel like we possess. This means that when he starts to feel like he’s got you under his thumb, then you’re in trouble. So if you want a guy to chase you, then you have to be an exciting challenge in his eyes. I have three tips that will help you to make some changes that will make him see you as the prize again!

3 tips to make him chase you forever

Let’s get right into it. When you want to get a guy to chase you, you must never make the first step. I know how tempting it is to reach out because he’s always on your mind, but it’s important that you do not contact him first. That means no texts, no calls, no likes on Instagram or Facebook, no carrier pigeons, nothing! We want him to come to you. We want him to make the first move. Keep I mind that the human being works by habit, so the more that he has to make an effort to call and text you, the more you’re going to be on his mind. The result will be that this will start to feel natural for him, and this is the kind of response we want from him Next, we need to understand that every single man wants a unique relationship. You do, too, right? You want to have something that feels so special, so unique… The good news is that there is a very easy way to ensure this.

All you have to do is make sure that you’re sharing new activities with him when you see him. If you truly want to create a dynamic between you that makes a guy want to chase you, then you have to innovate and make sure that things feel fresh, fun and exciting. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and jot down every single fun activity that you’ve always wanted to try. Think about things you’ve never done before, like taking a salsa class or going rock climbing. When you can propose new things to him that feel unique, he’ll start to chase you. If you want a man to chase you, you have to create new emotions in him and make him associate you with something fresh and different.

The third tip I have for you when you want to know how to make a guy chase you goes hand in hand with everything I’ve been going over up until this point in the article. You must always be a challenge in his eyes. Don’t talk about your feelings, don’t talk about how in love you are with him, and avoid questions like “How do you feel about me?” These things ruin everything, trust me. They take you off the pedestal and start to make you look like the needy girlfriend, and that’s the last thing we want. We don’t want him to hold all the power in the situation. No, we need this guy to chase you and you have to make sure that you create something special. You have to know your qualities and what you bring to the table, you have to actively work on becoming the best version of yourself and be confident. You don’t need his validation because you already know that you’re special.

Get a guy to chase you by becoming the best version of yourself

Where you want to know how to make a guy miss you or how to get a guy to chase you, you have to actively work on becoming the new and improved, 2.0 version of yourself. Make sure that you are working on things in your personal life because this is the most important thing that you can do. The more exciting things you can share with this guy, and the better you are at painting an attractive picture of your life, the easier it will be to get this guy to chase you. So, what did you do last weekend? Was it fun and exciting? If not, it will be harder to spark his interest. He could wind up taking you for granted because he just doesn’t feel that you’re any different from the rest. will he come back

So, I always say that you have to “sell” your life. This means that you have to be able to share interesting things and know how to make him excited about it too. Even if you just went out to eat at a restaurant with some friends. Tell him that you had one of the best spaghetti carbonaras you’ve ever tasted and you think he’d love it. Many of the women I coach don’t sell their lives well because they’re lacking self-confidence and are worried that if they seem too happy without the guy, that they’ll scare him away. I can tell you right now that this is not how it works. I’ve been a love and relationship coach since 2007, I have coached over 30,000 women, and I can tell you that men want a challenge. They want a woman that makes them feel like they need to step up to the plate and attract her because she isn’t pining for his attention. Her world does not revolve around him because she’s already created a world that she loves, and he would be a fool to not want to be a part of it.

Ladies, you can do this. You can always reach out to me for one on one guidance if you still aren’t sure how to approach the situation with this guy. I can give you a tailor-made action plan that will transform your love life. To work with me or a member of my team, just click here. So my friends, as you’ve come to understand, it’s all about making him understand that you are the challenge. You aren’t someone who’s going to place him at the center of your universe, desperately waiting for his attention. You have standards, you know what you deserve, you’re confident and playful, and it is time for you to receive. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for advice or a custom-made action plan if you feel that you need a helping hand. I want to make sure that you have everything at your disposal to be truly happy in love! You CAN get the guy you want, and you can make this guy want no one but you! To take it a step further, download my eBook that will teach you all the ins and outs of attraction so that you can get any man you want. I sincerely wish you all the very best in life and love.

Ciao ciao les amies.

Your #1 French relationship coach when you want to know how to make a man want you,

Alex Cormont


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