My boyfriend avoiding me: What’s going on?!

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When you realize that someone is avoiding you, it feels terrible… This is even more true if the person avoiding you happens to be the person that you love with all your heart! So today you want to know why my boyfriend avoiding me? You’re probably wondering what’s going on and what you can do about it. Something like this can really catch a person off guard and it can also lead to some mistakes… 

Fortunately, you’ve found this article and I am going to go over why your boyfriend might be avoiding you right now, and what you can start doing to turn things around starting today. I’m also going go explore some of the common mistakes I see people making so that you can be sure to steer clear of anything that could make things worse. Even if right now, you’re frustrated thinking, “My boyfriend avoiding me is driving me nuts,” rest assured because at the end of this article you’re going to have a much better idea of what’s going on and what steps you should take now… If you want to know how to make him miss you, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ll begin by sharing some of the most common reasons for partners pulling away that I’ve come across in my coaching sessions, and then I’ll go into the most important thing that you must start doing right away!

Why my boyfriend avoiding me? The main 5 reasons!

Each person is entirely unique, and they will have their own way of reacting to situations. One thing is for sure though – if you’re thinking my ex is avoiding me, something is up. If your boyfriend doesn’t usually do this, chances are that there is something serious on his mind. Now, before you panic,He is avoiding me keep in mind that it isn’t always something bad! I’ve spoken to someone who was saying, “My boyfriend is ignoring me” and then it turned out that he was planning his proposal to her and was just really bad at being subtle about it!

So, if you don’t have reason to think that something is wrong, don’t automatically assume the worst.

That said, in the majority of the cases there is usually an issue that isn’t being dealt with. I know, I know, that’s not what you want to hear, but in the interest of being totally honest and clear with you, I want you to be aware of all possibilities and know how to handle it if there is a problem at hand.

So, what are the most common reasons for people wondering ”Why is my boyfriend ignoring me?

Like I said, in most cases there is something on his mind that he’s having a hard time dealing with. It is highly likely that he’s resorted to ignoring you instead of facing the problem and finding a solution.

When your boyfriend ignores you, here are some of the potential reasons:

1/ He needs personal space

Guys don’t like to feel suffocated. Sometimes you might inadvertently begin to take up a little too much space in his life and he begins to feel like things are becoming unbalanced. He might start to avoid you because he needs some room to breathe and feels like it’s the only way to get it.

2/ He doesn’t want to commit

Another common reason for this type of behavior is that a person feels like things are developoing into a serious relationship and he doesn’t want to fully commit right now. He feels guilty about it so he begins to avoid you instead of telling you point blank. This is often the case when things begin to move a bit too fast…

3/ He feels that things are moving too fast

A lot of people panic when things move very fast in a relationship. Also, keep in mind that each person has their own idea of what “fast” really means. For one person, moving in together after 6 months might feel perfectly normal whereas for their partner, it might be too early and make them feel pressured.

The partner could begin to avoid the conversation or they might even begin to avoid the person!

4/ He’s up to no good

Unfortunately, another common reason for someone saying “My boyfriend is ignoring me what should I do” is that he’s doing something that he knows My boyfriend avoiding mehe shouldn’t, and avoiding you makes him feel like he won’t get caught. This could be cheating or maybe even something that he knows you dislike.

Again, there are varying degrees of this. He could be trying to hide the fact that he’s cheating on his diet or he could be trying to hide the fact that he’s interested in someone else. You know him better than me, so keep your eyes open for what your gut is telling you.

5/ He’s going through something and wants to do it alone

Many people aren’t good at opening up about their feelings, especially when they’re dealing with something challenging in their personal life. So many of us don’t know how to ask for help or allow ourselves to lean on our loved ones for support. There are many people who also feel the need to prove to themselves that they’re strong and don’t need anybody…

What to do when your boyfriend ignores you?

As I mentioned above, a boyfriend ignoring you means that he needs space. He’s forcing space between you for a reason, so it’s important to give it to him. You’ve got to focus on what you’re in control of: your own happiness and well-being.

Analyzing the situation is crucial because you’ve got to pinpoint what the root of the issue is. If he’s going through something and is playing the tough guy, don’t try to force him to turn to you for support. Doing so would only make him pull away even more. Instead, let him know that you’re there for him if he ever wants to talk about it, and let him handle it his own way.

If his behavior is making you feel uneasy and is making you think that he might be distancing himself from his relationship with you, you’re going to have to give him the opportunity to miss you. Begging and pleading, or worse still, being clingy is not going to get you anywhere. Suffocating a guy or making him feel like he can’t have any time to himself is going to make him run for the hills. You have to prove to BOTH of you that you are capable of making yourself happy and that you don’t depend on him for that. You have your own life and he can see that he can have his own as well. Avoid being at his beck and call right now and make your life fulfilling and amazing.

My boyfriends is avoiding me: I need help!

I know right now is a difficult time to understand how to balance your emotions. You might be thinking that you are feeling out of control where it leads to a lot of frustration with yourself and the relationship. A lot of times people act on their emotions, and this is what causes the relationship to be worse than before because you are not responding when you have calm behavior.

You only respond during your frustrations. You were acting to fix the feeling of what you are going through right now which you are the only one that can heal these emotions. During this process, it’s important that you contain your self-dignity and the ways you can do this is to meditate.

Which gives you time and a moment to get centered in what you are dealing with and really to calm your nerves so you can look at things from two different perspectives and show up for yourself. Another activity that I always suggest is running. The reason running is so important is because this is what will get your frustrations out.

Here is how to show the new version of yourself!

Running can be emotional and releases endorphins which lead to stress and emotions. When you feel overwhelmed or angry going for a run until you can’t run no more is the way to handle your anger and frustrations. Once you feel at balance with your emotions, then start using social media to show your best self and showcase change.

What’s important here is that you show a different perspective of who you are and the things that you are doing on social media. Where a lot of people get stuck or fixated is when they are doing this to attach to a specific outcome that has nothing to do with them but everything to do with someone else.

The way you can show your new perspective is by challenging yourself every day to do something new or unusual. This will challenge you to break the dependency issues you might be facing. Instead, you’re putting yourself first, and this is what builds attraction back. Then lastly, the most significant step of all is to talk to a coach. A coach will be able to give you tailored feedback and self-diagnosis the problem that you may not be able to see yourself. Coaches have so much experience, and sometimes it just takes one coaching session with an experts opinion to give you the tools to get to the goal you want!

Fill up your schedule and become very busy with activities that bring you joy. Not only will this boost your self confidence and make you feel better, it will help you to set healthy boundaries, determine what needs to change in the relationship for there to be a better balance, and it’ll spark your boyfriend’s interest. Simply put, this will remind him of the girl he fell in love with and will make him gravitate back towards you.

If your boyfriend is ignoring you and you’re worried that you’re losing him, I encourage you to keep reading my others articles about how to rekindle the flame!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section below or get in touch with us directly right here for a coaching session.


Wishing you all the best in life and love

Alex your coach when your boyfriend is avoiding you


  1. Mary

    Last time my boyfriend avoiding me was because I was too dependent on him. Your article is so true. Thank you!

    • Alex Cormont

      Thank you Mary for sharing your last situation. It’s really important to not be needy or codependent!

  2. Yvea

    I feel like thats a lot of work to get the attention of someone who doesnt care enough in the first place. If hes really truly ignoring you, maybe its wise to look to happiness to yourself instead. As in I dont need a bf who is going to be ignoring me I have a cat for that.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Yuea,
      Thank you for reading my blog, My boyfriend avoiding me. Yes, you are making a wise decision of looking for happiness in yourself first. You deserve someone who will give you the attention you need.

    • Cassandra

      I feel like I’m overreacting but we got into a deep discussion about how I messed up and said something I shouldn’t. The day after he started barely texting back and is coming up with reasons to avoid hanging out. It’s only been a few days and he actually is doing stuff so I feel like I may be paranoid but something feels off.

  3. Shivani

    I m confused till now…. I don’t know what to do😞

    • Zandile

      I’m zandile I just met a guy two months ago .we were good we even slept together. My problem is when I ask him that..whats really feel about me .he said he doesn’t understand the it’s worries me..please help

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