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What is Love Coaching?

"If you want to change your life,
I'm the expert you need"

Alex Cormont

How coaching works?

Love coaching focuses on much more than just love and romance.
It helps you become a better version of yourself. Whether you’re facing the most challenging period of your life, need answers about love, or just looking to become a better you, one-on-one coaching can help you achieve your goals and live the life you deserve.

You can feel confident because Alex & his team support you every step of the way. Nowhere else can you find expert advice, immediate solutions and real time feedback that directly addresses your personal problem or issue. To compliment everyone’s busy lifestyle, Alex & his team offer coaching in person, via phone or by email.

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Coaching with Coach Alex

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Coaching with Coach Andres

Alex totally changed my love life.

I didn’t understand anything about men before. Some wanted to get involved quickly while others preferred to take their time. My relationships fell apart every time.

Fortunately, thanks to Alex's training, I managed to adapt based on the people I met and the situations I was in. All of a sudden my relationship with men changed. Now I have a guide to the male mind! So, I met someone wonderful and we are really good together.


"Thanks Alex, you're great."

When I entered a room, I was the invisible woman!

Since I was coached by Alex, I’ve become a femme fatale. Men finally notice me. I use my charisma to seduce and it works.

Without you Alex, it would have taken me years to change, but with your advice, I was already another woman in just 6 weeks.


“I’m so grateful for everything you did for me.”

My wife cheated on me after 17 years of being together.

Alex was there to open my eyes. We gave ourselves a new chance and his coaching and training have a lot to do with it. The person I married is back. Thank you because you saved me from going under.

You saved my family and I'm so grateful. I know that I still have work to do but with you by my side, I am indestructible.


“I am indestructible”