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Alex Cormont

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Together we can change the rules of dating so that the man seduces you and you can have a LASTING relationship?

To achieve this, I created a book that sold more than 20,000 copies in Europe. It gives you the steps to follow to meet people and obtain a real relationship without compromising your personality...

Alex totally changed my love life.

I didn’t understand anything about men before. Some wanted to get involved quickly while others preferred to take their time. My relationships fell apart every time.

Fortunately, thanks to Alex's training, I managed to adapt based on the people I met and the situations I was in. All of a sudden my relationship with men changed. Now I have a guide to the male mind! So, I met someone wonderful and we are really good together.


"Thanks Alex, you're great."

When I entered a room, I was the invisible woman!

Since I was coached by Alex, I’ve become a femme fatale. Men finally notice me. I use my charisma to seduce and it works.

Without you Alex, it would have taken me years to change, but with your advice, I was already another woman in just 6 weeks.


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My wife cheated on me after 17 years of being together.

Alex was there to open my eyes. We gave ourselves a new chance and his coaching and training have a lot to do with it. The person I married is back. Thank you because you saved me from going under.

You saved my family and I'm so grateful. I know that I still have work to do but with you by my side, I am indestructible.


“I am indestructible”