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Emotional dependency

Feeling insecure? Here are 10 Expert Tips for overcoming this feeling!

Every single one of us has insecurities, whether they are big or small. It’s a natural part of being human, but sometimes these insecurities feel like they’re so big that they hinder you from being truly happy. So are you supposed to just accept it and live your life... read more

How to put yourself first after a breakup: 5 easy ways!

When you love someone, it’s normal that you would put them first and make them a priority in your life. In fact, for many people, their partners become their main priority! The problem is that when a breakup occurs, a person is left brokenhearted with a bruised ego,... read more

Relationship anxiety: Where it comes from and how to stop it for good!

Relationship anxiety is one of the most common issues that I see when people come to me for coaching sessions. It’s as frustrating as it is common, and I know how much a situation like this can make you suffer, so I have chosen this as the topic of today’s article. So... read more

Emotionally Independent: 3 Keys For Finding It And Maintaining It In Your Life!

When I started my career as a love and relationship coach, I didn’t realize how big of a problem emotional dependency really was… Not only for the relationship but also for a person’s wellbeing. As a result of being faced with many situations revolving around this... read more

Emotional Dependency: Everything You Need That Will Set You Free!

Have you noticed that you tend to exhibit signs of emotional dependency in your romantic relationships? Do you want to feel more confident and feel emotionally independent, and/or forget painful situations that you’ve experienced in the past that have an effect on... read more

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