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Second Chance

In love, everyone should have a second chance. As long as you stop making mistakes. Here, I guide you to seize this opportunities and have an exemplary behavior after a breakup. Rise up, rebuild yourself and get your soul mate back.

How to make him want you: the MOST powerful tool!

If you want to know how to make him want you like never before, how to make him crazy about you, how to make him fall in love and how to make him yours, you have come to the right place. I want to dedicate today’s article to the theme of making a man want you like... read more

Reasons to break up: The importance of understanding why it ended

When you go through a breakup, 99% of the time you still have feelings for the person you just lost so your first impulse is to do anything in your power to get close to them again. You don’t want this distance between you to be forever, and you want to maintain a... read more

How to break up: Expert tips for making it as painless as possible

When you’re in a relationship you sometimes have to make choices and difficult decisions. Leaving your husband or wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend when things just aren’t working anymore is one of these challenges. Even when the decision to go through with it has been... read more

Why do I still love him: The 5 main reasons you still feel this way today

Breakups are tough. No one is truly immune to the pain that comes with a broken heart, even if they do a great job of hiding it. Everyone requires a different amount of time for healing, which is why it seems like some people get over it so fast and it takes others... read more

Will he come back: 10 signs that point to YES!

The pain of a breakup is felt by both sides. It is one of the most painful things we can experience as human beings. It feels so hard to accept that suddenly the life you were creating and the future you had imagined with this person is no longer your reality. You... read more

How to let go of someone when they don’t love you back: The easiest way!

I know how frustrating it is when you realize that the person you want more than anything doesn’t feel the same way about you. Whether he doesn’t love you anymore or his feelings aren’t strong enough to make him want to commit to a relationship with you, it can... read more

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