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Sad love

Why do I still love him: The 5 main reasons you still feel this way today

Breakups are tough. No one is truly immune to the pain that comes with a broken heart, even if they do a great job of hiding it. Everyone requires a different amount of time for healing, which is why it seems like some people get over it so fast and it takes others... read more

How to let go of someone when they don’t love you back: The easiest way!

I know how frustrating it is when you realize that the person you want more than anything doesn’t feel the same way about you. Whether he doesn’t love you anymore or his feelings aren’t strong enough to make him want to commit to a relationship with you, it can... read more

The Most Beautiful Sad Love Song

What is it about sad love songs that can be so satisfying, especially when your heart has just been broken? How come these songs have an uncanny ability to sometimes make you feel better when you resonate with the sad story being told in the lyrics? It’s an... read more

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