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How to let go of someone when they don’t love you back: The easiest way!

by | April 23rd 2020 | 6 comments

I know how frustrating it is when you realize that the person you want more than anything doesn’t feel the same way about you. Whether he doesn’t love you anymore or his feelings aren’t strong enough to make him want to commit to a relationship with you, it can feel like a huge blow to the ego. What’s more, he means the world to you and now you have to figure out how to let him go. Fortunately, you have decided that you aren’t going to wait around for someone who isn’t going to give you what you deserve!

I see so many people who ignore the fact that this guy is not right for them and they continue to fight for something that isn’t going to serve them. In the end, they get even more hurt and I don’t want this to happen to you. I want to make sure that you are happy in love, and I’m glad to see that you’ve already gone out of your way to find valuable information on how to let go of someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you.

This is exactly the type of investment in your future happiness that is going to grant you access to true love and fulfillment! I know it’s very difficult, but rest assured. In today’s article, you are going to find the key to how to let go when he doesn’t want you! Starting today, you can make changes that will set you up for longterm success in your love life!

Learning how to let go of someone

Accepting that someone doesn’t love you the way that you love them is one of the hardest things a human being has to work through. I’ve been working with men and women since 2007 and I can tell you that this is truly one of the biggest challenges that people face.

That said, letting go of someone is not impossible. In fact, once you master the art of letting go of situations that bring you down, you invite a wave of happiness into your life.

Perhaps you’ve been lead to believe, either by your own habits or by our society, that you need THIS man in order to be happy. Maybe you’ve told yourself that if you want to be happy, then everything needs to be shared with him.

We have grown up in a society where Disney movies and Hollywood culture make us think that we need to be in a relationship in order to be happy, so we tend to latch onto our partners. This is why we see so much emotional dependency and lack of self-confidence and independence in relationships. When we realize that the person we were investing in doesn’t want to do the same for us, instead of turning the page and focusing on something more gratifying, we panic and try everything in our power to hold on to this person.

But why? Why cling to someone who is only going to doubt your sense of self-worth and make you unhappy?

It’s interesting for me as a coach to notice what types of situations people gravitate towards and cling to. Sometimes we really hang on tightly to someone who doesn’t want us because we’re somewhat addicted to the challenge. And yes, I know that this is human nature, but it’s very important to learn how to recognize when the situation starts to become detrimental to how happy you’re feeling in your life.

But I have good news. There is one thing that makes it very easy to let go of someone who doesn’t love you…

How to let go of someone who doesn’t love you: The solution

What I’m about to tell you is actually extremely simple, but it’s also the best way to let go of someone when they don’t love you!

If you want to let go of this guy, you need to work on YOU. Now is the time to really work on yourself and on your frame of mind. Take all the energy that you were pouring into this relationship and start dedicating it to your personal dreams, your projects, your goals, and challenge yourself to give a real purpose to your life.

So often people lose themselves in relationships, especially when the relationships are one-sided, so it’s crucial that you prioritize your own wellbeing. I want you to feel the best you can feel, and the best way to do this is by visualizing yourself in a different position and working towards making this a reality. Visualize yourself thriving on your own, not in need of a partner, and living your absolute best life! Picture yourself smiling, building your own life and living out your dreams.

What’s the first step towards letting go of someone and making all of this a reality?

Let’s take your professional goals for example. In order to be where you want to be two years from now, where would you need to be in about a year’s time? To be where you’d need to be in a year, where would you need to be in 6 months? To reach your 6-months-from-now goal, where would you need to be in two months?

And what can you start doing this week to work towards where you want to be in two months?

Dedicate your time and energy to these projects and you’ll start to see your sense of self confidence skyrocket. Confidence is directly linked to a sense of accomplishment, and I can’t stress the importance of this enough. The more confident you are in yourself and in what you bring to the table, the easier it is to let go of someone who doesn’t love you.

Letting go when he does not love you: Broaden your focus

Another thing I like to explain to my clients who come to me asking about what to do when the man they want doesn’t want them back is that they need to stop focusing on ONE man!

All the women I’ve coached all around the world have their sights set on one specific man, and they don’t know how to let go. The best solution is to allow (or challenge) yourself to open up to more guys and get out there to have fun!

Now is the time to really work on yourself, build your dreams, focus on your goals and stop talking to this guy. I often see that when a woman is in this situation, the guy keeps coming back to talk to her without having any intention of actually committing to a relationship with her. He just feeds her hope because he likes what it does for his ego. Maybe this is exactly what’s happening to you, too.how to let go of someone

He makes you believe that the situation will change, that one day you’ll be together, that you’re going to be The One for him in the future, but the only thing that happens is that this guy ends up destroying your love life. He’s keeping you close, but not too close.

And because he’s feeding you this hope, you’re not focusing on any other guys! So now, ladies, I want you to go out and try to meet more people, challenge yourself to talk to more guys, and broaden your focus.

If you can go out and have fun, talk to other guys, I can guarantee you that you’re going to stop fixating on this one guy. Actions go hand in hand with results, so if you want to change the current state of things, you’ve got to get out there and do new things!

On top of that, the more active you are in your own life, the more attractive you become to men. So the more you do, the more fulfilled you’ll feel, the easier it will be to stop focusing on this one man and in turn, he’ll find you even more attractive. And then you’ll have the freedom to choose which guy you want to spend your time with!

How to let go: Becoming the best version of yourself

The absolute best thing you can do when you want to let go of a guy that doesn’t love you is to start dedicating your time to becoming the new and improved version of yourself.

We’ve all become so busy with our routines and our responsibilities, but it’s so important to organize your schedule in a way that you have time to do the things that make you feel fulfilled.

Now that it’s time to start letting go of someone you love, I want you to work on pinpointing what elements in your personal life have been neglected. Have you been getting enough exercise? Have you been spending time with your friends and family members that bring you joy? Have you made time for your hobbies and passions? Have you been prioritizing your personal and professional goals?He ghosted me

I really want you to start actively working on building the life of your dreams and challenging yourself to talk to more guys. If you allow yourself to fixate on the guy that doesn’t want you back, it’s going to be considerably harder for you to let go.

In fact, an easy way to challenge yourself to talk to more guys is by downloading a dating app. Not only is it a wonderful tool for putting you in touch with many more people, but it’s also a great way to flex your flirt muscle and get some practice. It allows you to keep a comfortable distance until you feel more relaxed, and then you can start going out on dates. If you’d like more guidance on how to feel more confident and attract men, I encourage you to reach out to me by clicking here.

I can help guide you to take control of your love life and reach your full potential. This guy is missing out on something and the moment you realize that you deserve more, a whole world of opportunity opens up to you!

So you know how to let go. You just need to decide that this man is not good for you and is not worth your time and energy. When you realize and accept this, you will find it easy to let go. Stop talking to him, stop responding to him, and don’t allow yourself to be in a position of lesser power. This is how to completely let go of someone!

If you find yourself in a weaker position, you run the risk of being needy which is something that pushes men even farther away.

From now on, I encourage you to socialize, hit the gym to release those endorphins and boost your sense of self-confidence, focus on making your dreams a reality and I can promise you that you’ll be able to control your emotions.

Just make sure that you stop doing the same actions if you want different results!

As I said above, I am here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out. I can work with you one on one to offer you personalized guidance, and you can explore my YouTube channel to find all kinds of useful tips on how to let go when he doesn’t love you.

I sincerely wish you the best,

Your coach for learning how to let go when he doesn’t love you,

Alex Cormont


  1. Avatar

    Alex I really need to know. Do I just move on. Its been 6 months Sence the break up. After nine years of wanting a life with him. He has blocked me. And doesn’t answer a text from me. I send a nice text once a month. But no response. I just set in no contact rest of the time. I go on dates. And out with my friends. Started the gym the day after we broke up. Lost 64 pounds and I think I look great. But how can he see this. If I’m blocked everywhere. I wish he could see who I really am. He would start fights that didn’t make any Sence. Just so he could say it never works. That I never change. But in my heart I feel I have changed.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Annette,
      First of all, congratulations on doing all this work on yourself. That’s wonderful! It is the key to creating a happier life for yourself, and that goes hand in hand with attracting the right partner. It sounds like this man is taking you for granted, so distance would be the solution. Here is an article that I think would help, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for a coaching session.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Alex! I learned so much from you! Thank you.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Kim, thanks so much 🙂 Wishing you so much happiness

  3. Avatar

    Hi Alex
    I really appreciate your
    My husband of 30 years passed away last year
    We had a beautiful marriage
    I met a man I December of 2019
    We fell in love ten COVID came
    He want back to Canada and broke up with me after telling me he loved me and planning a future
    Introducing me to his family
    I was devastated
    And still am
    He said you can’t beat a dead horse
    Well that’s that
    What can I do
    We didn’t have an argument
    What happened
    It would have been better in person but he still can’t come to the USA
    What to do

  4. Avatar

    Hi Alex,Thank you for giving me hope when it seems that their is no hope anymore, I break up with my boyfriend for the past two months, and am really living fine,but the problem is that he doesn’t view my status anymore,I want him yo be seeing my updates


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