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How to make him want you more than EVER – French Relationship Expert

by | August 19th 2022 | 0 comments

There are certain questions that I hear on repeat and this is most certainly one of them. So many of you have reached out to me asking about how to make him want you that it only makes sense for me to write you an article on the topic 😉

I want to tell you how to make a guy want you, how to make him desire you like crazy, and how to make his desire for you continue to grow! I know that most of the time, when you meet men that you really like you tend to give, give and give some more, but that hasn’t been giving you the results you were hoping for. In our society, we don’t receive proper education about love and we mistakenly think that in order to get more love, we have to give more love.

Sadly, that is not at all how it works and it often ends up in people getting hurt for no good reason. So I am here to tell you about how to make him want you using the power of reverse psychology but I want to go even deeper. I want to give you a couple of tips about how to make a guy want you when you’re physically together and you want to make that sexual chemistry palpable!

how to make him want you

How to make him want you like crazy

As I was saying, I always see that when a person wants someone, they bend over backward trying to do everything in their power to woo them and make them happy.

So most of the time when you meet a guy you really like, you will fall in love quite fast and it turns into love at first sight. The problem is that after a few weeks or maybe a month or two, the guy disappears. He’s not calling you or texting you that much anymore, he’s not asking you to go out, and it can be very confusing. Especially because he was so into you at the beginning! So what’s going on?

The problem here is that the more you do for men, the more they’re going to take you for granted and this is definitely not the foundation we want to lay. We want men to fight for you, to be more involved in the relationship, and commit to being with you! That is why I want to talk about reverse psychology with you today. It’s an incredibly powerful tool and it’s one of the main things I teach my clients all around the world. I’ve worked with thousands of people in France of course, but also in the US, Australia, Polynesia, and the list goes on and on.

So why do I tell people about reverse psychology when they ask me “How to make him want you?”

It’s simple. It’s the best way to make a man fight for you. You trigger a guy’s human nature and make him start to see you as an exciting challenge instead of someone he can take for granted. What I want you to remember is that everything starts in YOUR mind. Here is what I usually see happening: Girl meets guy, girl falls for guy, girl starts to fixate on “How can I get this guy to commit? How can make him fall for me? How can I get this man?”

And then she’s in the weaker position. Why?

Well, it’s because it is now you that is chasing the man, it is now you that are wondering how to get this guy and make him want you. So inadvertently, you’re putting this man on the pedestal and thinking that he’s too good for you.

No, ladies. YOU’RE too good for him! You have strong values, you bring something special to the table, you know that you can offer a lot and that he could be truly happy with you.

1. Adopt the right mindset

Now, when I first brought up reverse psychology, you might have thought that I was going to talk about how you can affect the way this man thinks about you, but it all begins with your mind. The first thing I want you to start doing when you find yourself thinking about “How to make him want me” is this:

“I want this man to fight for me. This man needs to fight for me!”

Repeat this to yourself every single day and you will see that there is a huge difference between “What can I do for him” and “I want him to fight for me.”

You will start to feel a difference in your self-confidence, in the way you stand, and even in your tone of voice when you’re talking to men (and anyone, for that matter!). You will stop feeling like he’s doing you a favor by giving you his attention. In fact, it will be the other way around. From this moment on, never again will you think “I want this guy so much.” Instead, you will think, “This man will have to fight for me.” I cannot stress the importance of this enough! As simple as it might seem, it’s one of the most powerful tools you have available to you. I can guarantee that your emotions will never be the same.

It actually all boils down to charisma, and according to charisma coach Olivia Fox Cabane in this Forbes article, charisma boils down to three things: Presence, power, and warmth.

Presence requires you to stay in the moment. (Hint: Put away your phone.) Use eye contact to demonstrate that you’re listening and focused on the person you’re with, which aids in the sense of connection and builds trust

Power isn’t about feeling superior; it’s about removing self-imposed barriers and getting away from the feeling that you’re not worthy of your success. Fear and imposter syndrome can plague many as they rise in the ranks. Removing self-doubt helps you feel more relaxed and confident in your skin and your value to others.

Warmth is closely linked to giving off a welcoming, accepting, and kind vibe. People who exude warmth attract others naturally because they provide a safe and positive environment. Genuine warmth can’t be faked, so if you find this tough or tend to be more reserved, Cabane suggests enlisting the power of your imagination. Picture someone for whom you feel great affection. When you focus on how you feel during your interactions, you can instantly change your body chemistry to project greater warmth.”

In other words, an easy way to remove the pressure from your interactions with men is to picture them as your best friend. Think about how you communicate with your bff (aka, someone you feel comfortable being yourself around), and apply this approach to your conversations with men.
Trust me, I know you don’t want to do it because it doesn’t feel natural but after working with all of these people around the world since 2007, I can confidently tell you what works and what doesn’t.

When you can cultivate a solid sense of self-worth, men will pick up on it and you can be sure that he will understand that you’re different from the rest, but he will also feel the desire to pursue you.

2. Propose exciting dates

The next thing I want to tell you about is one of my favorite tools. You see, I often see that when a woman likes a man, she will say yes to whatever date he proposes. “Want to go to the movies?” Yes. “Want to have dinner?” Yes. “Want to go for a walk on the beach?” Yes.

Then, after a couple of weeks, he starts to take her for granted simply because he’s always saying yes to whatever he wants to do. From now on, if you want to know how to make this guy want you, you can say yes when he asks you to hang out, but have interesting things to propose.

Let me explain. When a man wants to see you, tell him that you’d like to do something special. You can either have something special in mind or ask him, “What do you propose?” This requires him to step up to the plate and will make it clear to him that you value your time and know your worth.

If you don’t do this, it becomes dangerously easy for him to take you for granted. Again, it’s all about your mindset and remembering that you are the prize. It’s so simple. It’s just about making him want you by making the switch from “I am giving” to “I want to receive.”self love

Make him want you in the moment

This is one of the topics that everyone wants to know about!

People contact me all the time asking, “How to make him want me more?” Fortunately, I have the answer! There are certain techniques that can help you to create that chemistry and that tension that you’re craving. It’s not going to be about dressing in tight clothes or low-cut tops, it’s going to be about the subtle art of seduction that happens naturally when you’re with him.

I have three things I want to share with you that will make him want you more and the first one is all about creating play.

Make sure he can see that you’re having a good time.

A lot of people think that you have to be physically intimate to make a man want you, but that’s not true. What really draws him to you initially is the excitement that he feels when he’s around you. When you are present and are enjoying yourself with him, he will vibe off of that!

So let’s say you’re at a bar and you’re creating a flirtatious environment. There will be some laughter, there will be some physical touch, and there will even be some teasing. The more confident you feel, the easier this will become. This will help you to be more comfortable and natural, and this will make him go nuts for you. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the situation because as soon as men see that they make you nervous, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Physical touch

Then come proximity and touch. Once you’re in a comfortable and playful place with this guy, he will start to feel drawn in and he’s going to want to go farther. You can place your hand on his leg, and once you start moving closer together, you can incorporate physical touch. When he makes you laugh, lean in and put your hand on his, and then lean back out again. It’s like a very subtle game of push and pull that is going to have him mesmerized by you.

This is why things like physical proximity are so important. It’s hard to do when you’re sitting across from each other at a table, so once you’ve started to get comfortable with this man and you’re sitting next to him (at a bar or on a couch for example), then you can start to build tension.

As you start to build tension through physical touch, don’t forget to notice how he responds. What does he do when you touch him and flirt with him? You can feel this out and build equal tension accordingly. Your touch can linger, you can sit closer to him, you can communicate your attraction to him through your body language. It should happen naturally. You’re comfortable because you’ve established that you’re relaxed with him.why do i still love him

The kiss

Then it’s time to build up to the kiss. You can do the classic look: Eye, eye, lips. Or you can use another technique that also works quite well: Looking him in the eye while you subtly bite your bottom lip.

If you’ve been wanting to know how to make a guy want you, keep in mind that this is even more powerful when you’re doing it and at the same time, you’re touching him.

You don’t have to do these things all the time because they should feel special. Just do them in order first and if it’s not quite working (because he’s either not responding enough or he’s responding way too much), you can take it back to the playfulness stage. Then you can play around with the order.

Just have fun and enjoy these moments, because they should be very enjoyable after all! And like I said above, repeat to yourself, “I know that he’s attracted to me.” Remember, if you place this guy on a pedestal you will just feel nervous and put pressure on yourself.

The more you do this, the easier it will become. Remember, practice makes perfect so challenge yourself to be playful and perfect your craft. I know that sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you have feelings for a guy, but it doesn’t have to be. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for one on one guidance by clicking here or check out all the videos I’ve created on this topic on my YouTube Channel. I am here to guide you from A to Z, no matter what your situation may be!

I sincerely wish you all the best,

Your #1 French relationship coach

Alex Cormont


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