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Why infidelity

Is leaving your husband for another man a good idea – French Relationship Expert

Both good and bad, love is full of surprises and each decision must be well thought out. If you’re in a relationship with your spouse and you’re realizing that your feelings for him are not as strong as they used to be, and on top of that someone else has come into... read more

How to handle infidelity in marriage – The French Relationship Expert

Over time, infidelity in marriage has unfortunately become more and more common and if you’re reading this article right now, chances are that you’ve been affected by it as well. Finding out that the person you love has been unfaithful to you can be a devastating... read more

Why married men flirt and what it means for their relationships!

I was chatting with a friend of mine about her relationship with her husband. They’ve been married for a few years now, and she was telling me that she had seen one of his email exchanges between him and his colleague. She recognized that they were flirting with one... read more

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