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Couple Life

Life together is far from what we see in the movies or books. A relationship is maintained daily. Whether you want advice on how to save your marriage or get tips to improve it, you will discover a unique philosophy.

Cheating Husband? Here’s what to do!

Have you just found out you have a cheating husband? I know you’re heartbroken and angry, and must be wondering how to handle the situation. What solutions are there for saving a relationship after such a betrayal? Infidelity is one of the biggest challenges people... read more

Feeling insecure? Here are 10 Expert Tips for overcoming this feeling!

Every single one of us has insecurities, whether they are big or small. It’s a natural part of being human, but sometimes these insecurities feel like they’re so big that they hinder you from being truly happy. So are you supposed to just accept it and live your life... read more

How to let go when he doesn’t love you: The easiest way!

I know how frustrating it is when you realize that the guy you want more than anything doesn’t feel the same way about you. Whether he doesn’t love you anymore or he doesn’t want to commit to a relationship with you, it can feel like a huge blow to the ego. What’s... read more

10 reasons to split up from your partner

You’ve been hearing a voice in the back of your mind telling you that you might not be with the right person. But how can you know for sure? If this just a passing thing or have you been witnessing real reasons to split up from your partner? We all know that every... read more

Avoid divorce with these two SIMPLE tools!

The relationship between two people evolves over time. In the beginning, we easily accept the other person’s shortcomings or bad habits, but as time goes on many people end up losing all their patience and these elements become irritating. This is what causes serious... read more

How to put yourself first after a breakup: 5 easy ways!

When you love someone, it’s normal that you would put them first and make them a priority in your life. In fact, for many people, their partners become their main priority! The problem is that when a breakup occurs, a person is left brokenhearted with a bruised ego,... read more

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