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Tips for Women

Ladies, who better than a man can explain to you how men work? I guide you through dozens of articles and give you precise and effective advice to find, seduce, and get the man you want! Apply my tips and you will transform your love life!

How to Flirt Over Text with Examples – The French Relationship Expert

Someone has caught your eye. You now have his phone number and you’re wondering how to flirt over text and make him fall for you! You’re fully aware of the fact that your cellphone is an incredible tool for seducing someone! There are certain do’s and don’ts, and in... read more

10 signs that you have a bad boyfriend – The French Relationship Expert

Your boyfriend’s behavior lately has got you wondering if you are dating the right guy. In all my years as a coach specialized in love and relationships in Europe and the United States, I’m still surprised at how many people stay in an unhappy relationship... read more

How to understand a man: 3 Pro tips!

I get it. Men act so strange when it comes to relationships and it can be really challenging to figure out how to understand a man. The majority of the time, you meet a guy that pursues you, shows you his interest, makes an effort to see you and spend time with you,... read more

How to make a man chase you: Everything you need to know!

When it comes to dating and relationships, one of the most important things to master is the art of making a man chase you, and not being the one who’s chasing after him! Every single day I get calls and emails from people that want to know how to attract someone and... read more

How to make him miss you: The 3 secrets!

As a coach specializing in love and relationships since 2007, I have helped thousands upon thousands of women successfully make a man miss them. There are various tips and tools rooted in human nature, my experience over the years, and all the one-on-one coaching... read more

Are you lying to yourself about this relationship?

Why is it that so many people lie to themselves about being happy in a relationship when deep down they really aren’t satisfied? Why is this a recurring pattern in some people? How can you tell if you’re lying to yourself about the relationship and is there anything... read more

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