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How to make him miss you: The 3 secrets!

by | February 18th 2022 | 0 comments

As a coach specializing in love and relationships since 2007, I have helped thousands upon thousands of women successfully make a man miss them. There are various tips and tools rooted in human nature, my experience over the years, and all the one-on-one coaching sessions I have carried out with all these people. Because this is such a common topic, I wanted to write an article that would provide you with an answer to your burning question: How to make a man miss you!

My name is Alex Cormont and it is my pleasure to be able to share these three tips with you today. By the time you reach the end of this article, you will know what you can start doing today to make the man you love crave your presence, miss you, and really want to spend more time with you. it’s not as difficult as some of you might think, and the techniques you’re about to learn will serve you for the rest of your life!

When you’re dating or in a full-blown relationship with a man, you want him to show you that he’s in love, that he’s involved and that he wants to do things to get closer to you. In other words, you want him to commit to being in a relationship! So let’s take a look at the best ways to make a man miss you and want nothing more than to be by your side!


Why is it so important to know how to make him miss you?

One of the things I explain to my clients on a regular basis is that when you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s very important that you guard against the routine and being taken for granted.

If your partner takes you for granted, the foundation of your relationship will begin to crumble and tensions will arise between you. If a man doesn’t miss you when you’re not around, it becomes dangerously easy for him to take you for granted.

Let’s take the example of one of my most recent clients, Carol. She came to me for help because she wanted to get the guy that she had started dating to get hooked on her. In other words, she wanted him to crave her presence, her touch, her personality, and to really miss her when she wasn’t around.

However, she was encountering the same type of problem that the majority of women who are in this position experience. When a man begins to pull away and start to become distant or disinterested, it’s because the woman has revealed her emotions, the way she feels about him, and her desire to be in a relationship with him. It’s a common trap that people fall into, and the problem is that men do not respond well to this.

If you look at male psychology and evolution, they are still “the hunters.” You’ve probably heard this before but I cannot express how true it is: Men are attracted to a challenge. Men want to feel like they have to fight to conquer something.

Maybe this is the case for you, too. Perhaps at the beginning of the relationship he seemed super invested, he was calling you and texting you all the time, he was regularly proposing dates, and he might have even been a little clingy! Then a couple of weeks or months go by and he starts to become distant. And why? Well, it’s because he feels that he has successfully conquered you and the challenge is no longer present.

So when I work with women who come to me asking about how to make him miss you, the first thing I go over with them is male psychology and understanding the situation.

As I told Carol, the first point that we need to understand is that the role of the man is to make the woman fall for him, and this brings us to the first part of the solution!

If you can take a step back and put some space between you, you will sense a positive shift in your dynamic and start to make him miss you. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself, I’ll explain the solution in detail further down.

First I want to stress the importance of giving a man the opportunity to miss you. If you’re realizing, “He doesn’t miss me,” it will be dangerously easy for him to assume that you’ll always be around, no matter how neglectful or selfish he may act. Making a man miss you is partially about maintaining a sense of balance in the power play, but it’s also about keeping things feeling exciting in your relationship. You want him to see you as someone magnetic, someone who inspires him, and someone he needs to make an effort to seduce!

I worked with Carol on everything I’m about to go over with you, and by helping her to focus on making some concrete changes in her life so that she could revamp her sense of self-confidence and pride in what she brings to the table, and by giving her boyfriend the opportunity to miss her, she was able to transform her relationship. She told me that as a result, he’s never been so attracted to her, and she’s never seen him so eager to have her close to him.

So how did she succeed in making him miss her?

How to make a man miss you: The 3 keys to success

I’ve noticed something interesting in the women I coach, and maybe this will resonate with you as well. They often have a hard time talking about themselves, their personal lives, what they’ve been up to, their professional goals, and the new activities they’re trying out when they’re talking to the man they’re interested in. Instead, they focus much more on HIM.

They’re worried that by not giving the man enough attention or by not bending over backward to make him feel special, they’ll scare him off. They’re scared that the guy will either feel dissatisfied or be intimidated but this, however, is a big part of the problem when a man doesn’t miss them.

But that’s not the only issue at play here…he sends mixed signals

How to make a guy miss you: Step 1

I won’t sugarcoat it, ladies. When a man is pulling away, I see so many women making a huge mistake, which is trying to overcompensate for his distance by trying even harder to spend time with him. Inadvertently, they become needy and clingy, and the guy ends up feeling suffocated.

What’s the result? Simply that he gets so frustrated that he pulls the plug on the entire relationship.

So the first tip I have for you is distance! If you really want to make a man miss you, then give him the opportunity to do so! Remember male psychology. We like the hunt, and even studies have shown that we value what we feel we don’t already own the most. The more you message him and go out of your way to see him, the easier it is for him to take you for granted and become disinterested.

Getting a guy to miss you consists of putting some space between you, but filling that space with activities that improve your quality of life.

So in most cases, it’s not going to be enough to just sit on the couch with your arms crossed when you’re trying to put some space between you. You need to be filling your schedule with people and activities that make you happier and make your life more attractive. We want to inspire him to want to get closer to you and to fight to have the opportunity to spend some time with you.

If you really want to make him miss you, give him space and focus on your personal life. Hit the gym, spend time with your best friends, make time for your hobbies, pursue your professional goals, challenge yourself to try new things, and get busy! The busier you are, the easier it is to make your man miss you because you won’t have the time to hand to him on a silver platter!

How to make your boyfriend miss you: Excitement!

Distance is super important, and the time you do spend together needs to be very positive. So first things first, if you want to make a guy miss you, don’t nitpick or start fights with him when you’re together. Instead, think about how you can make each moment unique.

How can you propose dates that are memorable?

If the time he spends with you is special, positive, fun, and unique, he’s going to want more. Plain and simple. When a man experiences something that he enjoys, he will want to do it again. When you pair that with distance, he will really begin to miss you and crave spending time with you!

What’s more, the more a man will miss you, the more he will commit to the relationship.is he in love

I have an exercise for you. Take a pen and a piece of paper, and write down what you really want to do with this man. What kind of new things would you like to experience with him? Think of places and activities, and focus on innovation. That way, what you offer him will be brand new, he’ll pick up on how special it is, and he’s going to feel that he needs to rise to the occasion as well. This is how you become an exciting challenge that he’ll want to pursue.

What makes a man miss you: The role sex plays

Here’s something you’re not going to like reading! 😉

If you really want to make a man miss you a lot, don’t have sex with him all the time. Even if the chemistry between you is out of control, even if you catch yourself fantasizing about him whenever he’s not around, don’t sleep together each time you hang out and you’ll see a big shift in how much he misses you.

Take Samantha for example. She came to me saying, “Alex, I met a guy and we were together nonstop for four weeks and he suddenly started to pull away. I don’t think he misses me when I’m not around at all. What do I do?”

She wanted to make her man miss her because she was starting to pick up on the fact that he was taking her for granted.

So I asked her something. I said, “Samantha, how often do you see each other without having sex?”

She laughed and replied that they sleep together each and every time they see each other. The chemistry was so amazing that they couldn’t keep their hands off each other but I had to explain one thing to her. He was taking her for granted because she was constantly giving him what he wanted.

Now don’t get me wrong, sex is not a bad thing! But if you want to make this guy miss you, don’t give him what he wants all the time!

Think about it this way: Imagine that you’re starving, and someone gives you some food. You’ll be so happy and it will feel so good, but you’re not going to need any more food. You’re not going to be dreaming about it and craving it when you get what you want. And we can apply the same concept to a man in love. If he wants sex and you shower in him in sex and affection, he’s going to get his fix and won’t need anymore. So he won’t miss you and miss being with you when you’re apart because he won’t have the craving.

How to make him miss you more: It all comes from you!

I know that all of this might sound nuts and counterintuitive as you read it, but I am here to help you. After coaching over 30,000 women around the world, I can confidently tell you that if you want a man to miss you, don’t give him what he wants!

Put some space between you and really focus on becoming the absolute best version of yourself. Always focus on making yourself happy and your life feeling gratifying, and he’ll be crazy about you. Give him the opportunity to miss you while focusing on your own wellbeing.

If you really want to get in control of the situation and dive deeper, I encourage you to click here to download my complete training course that will teach you how to make him miss you by becoming a true femme fatale!

All the best,

Alex Cormont


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