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All the signs he loves you!

by | December 27th 2018 | 4 comments

As relationships bud and connections deepen, your feelings for your partner begin to increase. It’s an exhilarating feeling. You can’t stop thinking about him, the mention of his name brings a smile to your face, and you feel a surge of joy whenever you hear from him or see him. You can experience these emotions for someone even when you’re not dating or in a relationship… But what I’m sure you really want to know is whether or not he feels the same way.

You’re in luck because this article will provide you with all the signs he loves you, and the do’s and don’ts of making him fall for you!

Men and women communicate in very different ways, and if you’re unfamiliar with the way this guy communicates, you might be feeling very uneasy right now. Your mind is full of questions about how he feels and you’re dying to know if he’s feeling the same way you’re feeling. Perhaps you’re even wondering if he feels more for you than you do for him?

Let’s get started so that you may become aware of what kind of situation you’re in. You’ll be able to determine your next move!

Signs he loves you: How can you tell?

The vast majority of men are pretty straightforward, but as a result of today’s society some men have learned to hide their emotions. They want to seem “manly” and not reveal that their heart is experiencing something intense. Other times, men like to be mysterious and enjoy letting you wonder about what they feel for you. Though I am not a fan of games, a little bit of mystery can make the other person become even more interested, so it is possible that your “target” is purposely keeping their emotions out of the spotlight.

I know that this already sounds confusing, but don’t worry. We are going to look at all the signs he loves you, even if he’s trying to be stealth!

There are many things that come into play from his actions and words to his body language. Each and every person is entirely unique so of course their behavior in love is going to vary. If at the end of this article you have any questions or comments, go ahead and leave a comment in the comments section and it would be my pleasure to personally reply to you!

Does he love you? Pay attention to how he acts…

When you’re looking for signs that he loves you, the best thing to do to keep an eye out for the signals that he is giving you (both obviously and subconsciously).

When it comes to showing someone how you feel about them, throughout my experience as a coach I’ve seen that men tend to communicate through their actions, and women tend to communicate through words.

That means that if the guy you’re dating or interested in isn’t blatantly telling you how he feels about you, all hope is not lost. People often make the mistake of focusing too much on what someone is saying instead of what they are doing and how they are acting. We all know the expression, “Actions speak louder than words,” right?

So, let’s say you’re dating a guy and he makes an effort to take care of you, goes out of his way to make you happy, and asks your opinion on matters that are important to him, but he doesn’t say “I love you” all the time. Does this mean that he doesn’t love you? Nope, it doesn’t!

Quite the contrary – he’s showing you that he cares deeply for you and that he holds you in high esteem. Don’t panic if he’s not saying “I love you” all the time. Remember: Generally speaking, men communicate through their actions.

Make sure that the way you perceive love isn’t blinding you to what’s actually going on. We’ve all grown up with preconceived notions on love (like needing to say “I love you” every time you speak) and sometimes these are the very things that hold us back from being truly happy in love. They blind us to what is important and make us fixate on things that shouldn’t necessarily be deal breakers.

Simply put, a man that loves you will put you first and invite you into his life. He’ll introduce you to his friends and family, and he’ll do his best to make you feel welcome and a part of the group.

What does he say when he’s falling in love?

As I was saying, sometimes people have very different ways of communicating so it can become complex. You expect clear signs he loves you and his actions are more on the subtle side. You might even become irritated when you make an effort to ensure that he knows how you feel and he doesn’t seem to be doing the same.

Each and every guy is going to have his very own way to communicating his love. There are so many ways that he can tell you and show you how he feels, but my advice to you is to focus on the actions. It’s also important to be wary of sweet-talkers, because empty words are not enough.

If he’s giving you compliments and is asking you questions about your life and your desires, it’s a good sign. When he wants to get to know you better, it means that he’s interested. So how does he act when you’re in mid conversation? Is he intently listening and paying attention to what you say? Does he want to know more?

Someone who loves you or is falling in love with you will want to know all about you!

Does he love me or is he playing games?

Speaking of sweet-talkers, I wanted to take a moment to warn you against men playing games.Signs he loves you

Unfortunately, there are many men who enjoy the, well, “hunt,” and aren’t serious about the relationship. Nobody wants to be played so it’s important that you don’t let love or strong feelings for someone blind you. It’s important to learn to trust your gut and if you feel that something’s off, listen to the little voice in your head.

I know you’re wondering, “Does he really love me,” and perhaps the reason behind your apprehension or uncertainty is that someone played with your heart in the past. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but you have to remember that not everyone is the same and this guy isn’t automatically going to do the same thing that the last guy did.

My point is that you should trust your gut but make sure you’re not assuming the worst because of something that happened in the past.

Things to be on the lookout for are respect, balance and honesty, and steer clear of any manipulation and lies. It goes without saying that any type of violent behavior – both mental and physical, is unacceptable.

How to know if he loves you: Look at his actions

In addition to his words and gestures, you can look at his behavior when you want to know whether or not he’s in love with you.

A guy that is developing feelings for you is going to want you around, and he’s going to want to spend his time with you. Beware of guys that sneak off in the middle of the night while you’re still sleeping because this can reveal that he isn’t looking for anything serious.

That said, if he is attached, he will go out of his way for the chance to spend time with you! The more time he wants to spend with you, the more likely it is that he’s open to something serious and this he is developing serious feelings for you.

By the same token, another possibility is that he falls for you very quickly and ends up wanting to rush things. If you are finding yourself in this situation, take a moment to look at how he acts instead of comparing him to other men. Past situations and experiences can account for his behavior. It’s normal to feel a bit anxious or to be suspicious under these circumstances, but avoid showing him that you’re doubtful. It could scare him.

When he’s madly in love with you, he might even unintentionally suffocate you, so it’s up to you to make sure that you communicate your needs and desires.

As each person is unique, you’ll have to take some time to get to know this guy to start to understand his Love Language. The way he shows his love for you might not be the same as how your ex showed you. Be careful not to compare people.

Just because one person opened the car door for you and the other didn’t, it doesn’t mean that one loved you more. Comparing people is dangerous territory and it’s important to remember that everyone communicates their love differently.

Signs of love: Are they always obvious?

As I mentioned earlier, an unfortunate truth of today’s society is that many men feel that they’re supposed to be in charge of the seduction process and that they shouldn’t reveal their feelings too early on. They think that showing how they feel about you can cause some sort of roadblock or possibly even too much pressure.

Many of them keep walls up or become defensive and it becomes hard for them to reveal their true feelings.

The good news is that sometimes you end up with a pleasant surprise. But how can you tell if he really loves you?

At what point does he develop serious feelings?

I know that this is one of the biggest questions on your mind right now because you feel that you’re falling for him!

When does a guy begin to have serious feelings for someone? Is love at first sight real? If you’re feeling this much, is it the same for him? Is he feeling the same exact things?

Once again, there are no specific rules. For some people, feelings do develop the moment they see someone. For others, it’s a gradual feeling that builds over a period of time.

What I can tell you is this: When a man is in love he sees you in a different light. He can imagine you in his future.

As soon as he starts to involve you in his life on a regular basis and talk about the future with you, it’s pretty safe to say that he’s fallen for you.

It’s logical. Why would he talk about building a future with you if he didn’t see the relationship lasting? And if the relationship is going to last, it means that what he’s feeling for you is serious! The only situation in which you’d need to take such words with a grain of salt is if you are dating a sweet talker. Sometimes, unfortunately, a guy will tell a girl what they want to hear because they have ulterior motives.

But if you’re with a sincere guy, all bets are on L-O-V-E!

Is he in love with me or not?

The easiest thing would be if he just flat out said, “I am in love with you!” Unfortunately this isn’t often the case. When a man is too direct, women often run for the hills. Guys have learned from their “mistake” and now try a different approach and yes, I know that this makes it even harder to figure out whether a guy is out to get his kicks or if he’s truly falling in love with you.

So, even if a guy isn’t direct, he’s still going to send your subtle signals. It’s your job to be receptive to them and to invite him to show you something more concrete. Your body language and behavior is of course going to play a huge role in what he’s comfortable with revealing to you. No one wants to be rejected, so don’t make him think that you’ll pull back if he tells you how he feels.

Truth be told, nothing is stopping you from letting him know that you’d like to know what his intentions are. If you’ve been seeing each other for a while and you’re still completely unsure of what he feels and what he wants, why not open up the conversation?

If he still doesn’t tell you anything, it would be a good idea to be careful. On the contrary, if he is making the effort and you see the signs that I’ve been outlining throughout this article, you can rest assured – he loves you!

Clues for whether or not he’s in love with you

I wanted to give you a few more indicators of how he’s feeling about you right now before we come to the end of this article. Again, I just have to reiterate that each person is unique so don’t panic if you aren’t seeing any of these signs he loves you.

The first clue is of course body language. Is he affectionate and tactile? Is he mentally present when you’re together? Do you feel that he wants to be with you when you’re spending time together? And what about his eyes? Is there passion in them when he looks at you? (And I don’t just mean in bed.)
If you answered yes to these questions, guess what. You’ve got concrete signs he’s falling in love with you!

Another clue is if he’s trying to bring you joy with little gifts and thoughtful gestures. If he’s always trying to make you smile and to make sure that you’re happy and satisfied, you’ve got some clear signs of falling in love on your hands!

You can also take a look at how he’s replying to your messages. Does he make you wait a day before he replies to you or if he pretty prompt? Some guys are better with texting than others, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to how affectionate he is in his messages, but I would pay attention to timing. If he has the time to reply to you and doesn’t really ever do it in a timely fashion, I’d be careful. (Just remember: some people are very busy and can’t always reply the moment they receive messages!).

Pay attention to his schedule and know that if he loves you, he won’t pass up an opportunity to talk to you.

The Top 10 Signs A Man Loves You

#1 He Supports You:

This means he supports your growth either in business, with family, and in your life. He is always open to discuss these things with you and is constantly showing love for the things that you love too.

#2 He Gets To Know The People You Love:

He takes the time to hang out with friends or family that mean something to you. He finds the time to be available for you and your family or friends. He might even plan things on his own with them!

#3 He shows you his love language:

he gives you words of affirmation, physical touch, gifts, or acts of service. He is always showing you his love language as this is the way that he shows love to someone else.

#4 He talks about the future with you:

He makes plans for the future and also has you in his plans for the future. So, if he is thinking about moving in together he starts to bring these things up and gets your attention so he can also get your perspective.

#5 He remembers the special moments:

This could be anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays. He takes the time to want to be with you during this time and shows his appreciation.

#6 He talks about the things that scare him:

The biggest thing is a man will fall in love when he finds trust in a woman. He will talk about the things that are difficult for him but also things that show a side of vulnerability because he trusts you.

#7 He talks to his friends and family about you:

He might have already introduced you. This is a great sign!

#8 He posted pictures of you and him on social media:

Now, before you start to think “he hasn’t done this”! Some men just aren’t big into social media and they sometimes don’t post at all but someone who is often on social media might do this.

#9 He takes interest in the things that interest you:

Let’s just say you like Yoga. He might just take a class with you are start learning about it. So think of something that you enjoy doing. Then see if he tries to participate or educate himself on what you like.

#10 He values your opinion:

He might run things by you and ask for advice from time to time or ask you what you think. It’s because your approval means a lot to him.

Wishing you all the best in all of your romantic endeavors,

Alex Cormont

Your coach for knowing how to see the signs he loves you


  1. Avatar

    Thank you for your excellent advice and tips on how to know if a man loves a woman. This is something that I’d like to dig deeper and be conscious of the signs. Your article had given me more confidence how to connect with him in a holistic sense.

    • Alex Cormont

      Thank you for reading this blog. I’m glad that you found it helpful and that you will use the advice to connect with him in a holistic manner. I appreciate your support and your comment. Have a great day!

    • Avatar

      Hello! My ex and i broke up last year in May and he went straight away in rebound relationship month after that… before that he have one two week rebounds and before this last one he came to me and said he want me bacl and he love me and want to be together.I was so needy and begging and pleading.. i was so scared that i lose him 🙁 So last Septemper he full blocked me and said to me that we cant stay in touch because i acting like crazy… i had so much anxiety… Now i have realized so many things and i have been focusing in me.But i think that irs my ex thing to reach out to me not mine.. im blocked so now he have to be without me. But it seems that he havent grieve att all this break up.. We were together 3years. We have so much good.memories and im so close to his family also. We have godson togethers… So im hopeless. Is it good if im stay in no contact? My ex also posting in social media constanly something pics with her (rebound) he never did that when he was with me.. Now everything is so over the top.. Whyy?
      Please helpme!

    • Avatar

      What to do if my ex full blocked me and he is in rebound? Why rebounds seems to last so long

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