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15 Exciting Things To Try In Bed!

by | September 4th 2019 | 7 comments

Are you looking for some great ways to spice things up between the sheets? Has the routine started to make your sex life feel a little bit predictable? Do you want to know how to turn your partner on like never before? Well, you’re in the right place because today I wanted to share some fun and exciting things to try in bed!

Who says sex has to become boring as your relationship matures? If you’re willing to be adventurous and to try new things, you have a sea of possibilities that are open to you! There are so many different things to try in bed that I can’t even list all of them, but I have summarized some of the best ones right here for you.

After you’ve been together for a while, you might feel like you’re starting to run out of ideas for exciting things to do in between the sheets. You feel like you’ve tried every position in the book, or you might even feel that you’re only having sex now because you feel you “should be.” Sex is one of the most important elements of a relationship because it helps to maintain your bond while keeping things feeling exciting.

It’s normal for passion to dwindle a bit as time goes on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it!

Why is it so important to find fun things to do during sex?

As I said, sex is one of the main elements that keep the excitement alive in a relationship. After being together for many months or years, things can feel repetitive and monotonous, but it is closely linked to the feeling of connection between two people so it’s important to maintain.

The problem arises when a couple falls into a dry spell… that never ends. Sex starts to get phased out of the relationship and then suddenly the couple is living like roommates.

It’s important to have sex regularly while making an effort to keep it fun and exciting. It’s normal to get bored if it’s the same exact thing over and over. If you’re able to make sex more passionate, you’re going to crave each other more and more.

What if you’re already in a dry spell? Is it going to last forever? Is there anything you can do about it?

Of course, there is. Luckily, these periods are usually temporary, and there are plenty of things that you can do to rekindle the flame.

The first thing to do is to talk about it. There’s no shame in openly communicating about what you two feel could improve in your relationship, and what you can do together in terms of finding a solution. Don’t place pressure on yourselves. Focus on having fun and start incorporating little things into your daily lives like sleeping naked or giving each other sensual massages. Think about things that are likely to put you in the mood and don’t neglect them! By the way, if you want to know how to have better sex, right this way!

On your end, I suggest making sure that you pleasure yourself. Stimulating yourself can spark something and make you hungrier for sex on a regular basis. It’s also very important to know what you like so that you can let your partner know as well. Trying new things in bed together regularly will do wonders for reinforcing the sexual connection that was once so strong between you.

Now, let’s get into the good stuff and look at some fun new things to try in bed!

Fun things to try in bed to spice things up tonight!

When you want to turn up the heat and try new things in the bedroom, don’t limit yourself to once you’re actually already in bed… You have so many things available to you even if you’re at home.

For example, you can get in the shower together to start heating things up. You don’t actually have to have sex in the shower (unless of of course you want to!) but being in there together, naked, under the hot water can literally turn up the heat and make you want to take it to the bedroom!

You can also use props that you normally wouldn’t think to use. So let’s say you’re in the shower together. Once you start getting hot and heavy, pause for a moment to take the sash from the bathroom and gently tie it around your partner’s eyes like a blindfold. Being playful and surprising him or her can turn then on even more.

By the way, you can use this trick in different situations too. For example, if you two are having dinner together at home, when you go to serve your partner some more wine, you can slip your tie off or take your husband’s tie and use it as a blindfold as well. Catching him or her off guard is one of the best things to try when you want to turn him or her on.

Another fun thing to do in bed is to switch up the power play. Perhaps you’re the one who’s usually more dominant, so let your partner take the reigns and call the shots. It’s exciting to switch things up and maybe even graduate to some role play. Just make sure that both of you know your boundaries and only do what is fun for both of you.

Don’t be afraid to initiate or allow your partner to be in control.

No list of new things to do in bed with your partner would be complete without any mention of toys. You can even make a box in which you place multiple things like a vibrator, handcuffs, lube, etc, and choose what you’d like to play with when you’re intimate. You don’t always have to use them, but it’s also exciting just to know that they’re there when you feel like spicing things up!

Keep in mind that it’s fun to be kinky. Sometimes a couple is used to having a tender and loving sex because that’s just how their relationship has evolved, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t switch things up a bit. Explore different styles of sex and don’t be afraid to be a little naughty or raunchy. Sometimes all it takes is whispering something raunchy in your partner’s ears for the temperature to rise…

Try phone sex. Whether your partner is away on a work trip or just at the office, calling and talking about what you want to do to him/her can seriously turn them on, and make them want to get their hands on you as soon as they can!

New sexual things to try outside of the bedroom

One of the most exhilarating experiences a couple can have is having sex somewhere that they aren’t used to. The feeling of novelty and excitement can heighten your senses and make the sex even more passionate.

Have you had sex on the beach, in a body of water, or on a boat?
What about in a tent in the wilderness? Have you done it on the roof? In an airplane bathroom?

You could plan a weekend getaway for just the two of you and make love in a hotel. When you’re at home you can even try having sex in different rooms that you aren’t used to… The kitchen for example.

A twist on ordinary things to do in the sack…

Generally speaking, everyone loves oral sex, but how about adding a new twist to it? Right before you begin performing oral sex on your partner, put an ice cube on your tongue or take a sip of a hot beverage (not too hot though- don’t burn your tongue!) The hotter or icier temperature combined with what you’re doing can drive a person wild with desire!

Following in line with playing with temperatures, how about a massage with heated oils? There are some oils out there that are flavored and edible as well… Just sayin’.

Another one of the most exciting things to try in bed is filming yourself make love. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’re both on the same page it can prove to be a huge turn on. What’s more, you have something to watch together the next time you want to get in the mood…!

What are some other new sex things to try?

Again, this will depend on what you’re both comfortable with and you need to ensure that you’re on the same page, but many people are turned on by some light spanking. If you aren’t sure if your partner would be OK with it, find a moment to ask if they’d be open to it, or if it’s in the moment you can say, “Will you let me spank you?” It’s a turn on and it’s respectful.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that everyone adores hearing their partner feeling pleasure, so if you’re not usually someone to voice how good it feels or what you want your partner to do, try it out! When they’re doing something you love to tell them you want more, and similarly if they’re doing something that isn’t quite hitting the right spot you can guide them. It’s up to you to gauge which tone would turn them on the most, so do what makes both of you feel sexy and alive.

Another fun thing to do and it doesn’t have to be in bed, is to have a good old fashioned quickie. It doesn’t matter where you are – if you’re feeling like you’re in the mood, take advantage of the situation to share an exciting moment and make some amazing memories with the person you love!

You can also try out Kama Sutra to find some positions you haven’t tried before. Constantly using the same positions will inevitably get boring after a while, and you might be surprised to find something entirely new!

Ladies, don’t underestimate the power of sexy lingerie when you’re looking for things to try in the bedroom! Wearing something that makes you feel sexy can turn your partner like never before – especially if this isn’t something that you do regularly. You can tease him with a text message about what he’s in for tonight, or let him sneak a peek over dinner.

When you’re looking for new things to try during sex or in the moments leading up to it, you can watch porn together. If you find something that you’re both into, this can definitely set the mood.

Things to avoid doing in bed with your partner!

I didn’t want to end this article without taking a moment to talk about some of the main things to avoid if you want to have good sex with your partner!

Sex should be fun and exciting, so the biggest No-No comes in the form of criticizing your partner (during, before, AND after!) If they didn’t satisfy you the way you would have liked, instead of telling him or her that it wasn’t that great, help to guide them. “I really love it when you ___.”

Avoid talking about stressful things right after. Sure you might have a lot on your plate, but don’t dedicate your pillow talk to how much work you have to do or how annoying your boss is being. Allow for a moment to just be in the arms of the person you love, enjoying each other’s presence.

Faking an orgasm is also something to avoid. Learning what you like and guiding your partner is the best way to reach climax, even if it might take a little bit of practice!

I also want to warn against pressuring yourselves in any way. Just because your best friend and his wife have amazing sex all night every night doesn’t mean that your sex life needs to be identical to theirs. Find what works for you and don’t compare yourselves to others. Similarly, don’t allow yourselves to feel the pressure of needing to make sure that you both reach orgasm. Sometimes it doesn’t happen and that’s fine. Making love is wonderful as well and it’s fine if both of you don’t always reach climax!

The last thing to avoid during sex is allowing yourself to be distracted. Really work on being present at the moment, looking in your partner’s eyes and enjoying their body. Our schedules are so busy and we have so much to think about, but when you’re making love with your significant other, be there. They’ll see if you’re distracted, and that will take away from the passion.

Share your ideas with me and with each other in the comment section below! If you have any questions, go ahead and comment and I’d be more than happy to personally get back to you! If you prefer to reach out to me privately, all you have to do is click here.

All my best,

Your coach for learning about new things to try in bed,

Alexandre Cormont


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    Alex thnk you so much for these tips…for now im single…maybe if time come i will have a boyfriend again i can use or practice all these tips but for now,need to work out myself a while

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    Hey coach! I really enjoy reading your article.
    I try new things like wearing sexy lingerie for the first time. My partner was so amazed and excited how I look at that time.Telling me how my body was so gorgeous..
    Thank you for kindness and wonderful advice!God bless!

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    it always a pleasure to get advice especially from a man, the ice one have to try it. Thank you

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      this article is awesome!!! I am a big fan of you Alex! I’ve been following you for a long time!

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    This was really good …..thank you . Though i would like to kno the dirty talk to tell him in bed and what to tell him exactly that he is in for tonight

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    Bonjour Respected Sir . First thanks for sending this article “Exciting things to try in bed” .It’s real with everyone yet it is not discussed .As time passes it becomes normal and people do it just for the sake of doing it or it’s a necessity.All that was new n exciting in the beginning take a back seat as people feel other things are more important .
    … Moreover communication is not healthy on this topic coz living together is a powerful magnet or bond instead of sex . They are complete without sex .There is no craving for it as all partner feel that the time has passed as a result they have difficulty in reaching orgasm due to many loopholes .
    … Living together doesn’t arouse them even short bath, massage or porns .It become “once upon a Time “for one n all partner which is a fact.Foreplay that is important part of sex also loses n every one just have few minutes of sex n all is over.Its always one partner calling shots all the time . From every day it come to hours ,then days passed ,then sex move to months.playful ways or lovable testing resign from life .It’s loses its charm n excitement among every partner or couple.
    ,.. Sir I hope you like the matter and if there is anything you didn’t agree or like please let me know . looking forward to ur reply n message along with the amazing opportunity to work with you .I m always there to give my full support to ur amazing work . thanks a lot for your real efforts n work you put into ur teaching .That’s why u r so trusted sir . Stay blessed as you keep growing with successful journey . lots of love n regards sir.

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