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How To Please A Man And Develop A Deeper Connection!

by | October 21st 2019 | 4 comments

Would you like to know the most effective ways to pleasure a man throughout the entire time you’re making love? How to please a man and use sex as a tool to make him completely addicted to you? How can you make him want to make love and have a truly satisfying sex life with you? What are the best pieces of advice that I can share with you as a result of my experience as a relationship coach that works for the thousands of people that I have helped?

I’ve been working with thousands of women to spice things up in bed with their partners since 2007, and I’ve also helped men learn how to give their partner an orgasm so that they can have a happier relationship, so the subject of sexuality is ever-present. You know how important it is for men, but also for you, and you’re wondering how you could give a man orgasm and reinforce your bond, and to really make him feel amazing. In order to reach this goal and to considered a goddess in bed, there are various elements that I wanted to share with you via this article.

How to please a guy in bed: the 7 steps

1. Start turning him on even before foreplay
2. Take your time as you turn up the heat
3. Give him compliments on his body and on his performance
4. Show him that you’re feeling pleasure during sex
5. Talk dirty to him to turn him on even more
6. Don’t hesitate to try new things
7. Tell him that you want round 2!

Here are seven important ways to please your man in bed but there are others that I invite you to discover immediately.
The first element is the gift of self in order to please your man sexually but also mentally. I’m sure you know this, but the more connected you are with intense feelings, the greater the pleasure will be.
The second element is based on the action so that you can let go of all of the false beliefs that surround us. The goal is to limit your fears and give a voice to your desires. Sex, despite the fact that it’s omnipresent in our daily lives via the TV and magazines, is still taboo in our society.
One of the real problems is that you often get your knowledge on the subject solely through your own experiences or by talking about it with your friends, without having any real instruction, and without knowing if you’re truly on the right track. You know that he’s orgasmed because it’s pretty easy to see, but how do you know if he truly enjoyed making love with you? Is ejaculation itself an indicator of pleasure? We are going to explore these questions together via this analysis, and I will guide you in the best way to take action. Just to let you know, I’m not going to go into positions that will drive him wild, because that will differ from person to person. That said, I am fully aware of what men need and want, and that the rules of a balanced relationship are, and I’m going to share all of that with you right here.
If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section. You will receive a personalized reply with tailormade advice!

How to please a man: Knowing how to give him the maximum amount of pleasure!

I often say that a happy relationship requires various ingredients like proper communication, complicity, continuous seduction, and frequent and emotionally intense sex. The state of your sex life is a clear indicator of your relationship’s health! So wanting to know how to please a man in bed is a very important step as it shows him that you understand your partner’s needs and expectations. This is something that can add quite a bit to your relationship.
Behind this desire is the idea that if you give him more pleasure, he’ll become more addicted to your relationship and of course to you as well. It’s true – he won’t be able to resist you! Before we go into the basic rules of how to pleasure your boyfriend or husband, I’d like to work on eliminating one of your biggest fears.

I want to know how to please him but I’m afraid of doing it wrong…

When I am coaching someone, I regularly hear this: “Alex, I’m scared I’m not doing it right.” As each fear has a tendency to provoke an immediate effect on our behavior, you risk making a huge mistake.
First off, you’ll stop acting like yourself, and you won’t be able to let go and enjoy the moment. This behavior will have an effect on your partner’s emotions and you might take him out of the moment.
The more you’re able to put him at ease with your natural attitude, the more pleasure he will feel. Now is the time to set your negative thoughts aside, to stop thinking that you’re not doing it right, and to leave any complexes at the door because you need to remain focused on pleasuring your partner.
As obvious as this might sound, men are extremely turned on by the emotions they ignite in the person they’re sleeping with. This reinforces their masculinity and pride, and this is why they appreciate women that communicate during sex. They love it when they can see how much pleasure they’re giving you. So if you’re worried about not doing it right, you’re going to pull the breaks on this exchange. It’s crucial to find what your partner finds exciting.
The solution to fighting off the fear of doing it wrong is giving a voice to your desires, taking the initiatives that bring you pleasure and surprise your man. You don’t need to go overboard. Just be confident in yourself because you’re exchanging a part of yourself, and this is essential for unforgettable sex.

How to please your man in bed: The basic rules

Now that you’ve got the right state of mind to let’s go over the basic rules for how to please a man. There are three and if you’d like to know how to drive him wild with desire for you under the covers, I encourage you to follow them closely.
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1. How to please your man: You need to be active

Most men enjoy having control and dominating in bed, but they all need to be met with an active woman. What I mean by this is that you have to let go and let the situation transport you. Your breathing will become intensified, your touch will become more powerful, and your words will become more sensual.
Remain present and involved and your man’s pleasure will increase tenfold… and so will yours! No one likes a dead fish, so keep that in mind and don’t hesitate to introduce new things little by little to your significant other.
Start thinking about all the new things that you could introduce into your sex life with your partner. How could you show him that you’re present and full of desire for him? Let me know in the comments section below and share your experiences with other readers. The more information we have, the more we can change! By the way, if any gentlemen are reading this article, go ahead and share your opinions and experiences as well!

Innovation fuels passion!

When we talk about the male orgasm, we tend to think of ejaculation and leave it at that. That said, knowing how to really please your man sexually is about making him feel all kinds of things when you begin kissing, and then during foreplay, and then finally when you’re making love.
In order to maintain passion, I think that freshness and novelty are the only things that can increase your man’s desire. Whether it’s new positions, new places, new types of role play… etc. You have shared your desires, and we will take a look at that a little bit later on in the article.
Take a few moments to ask yourself: “What desires and fantasies could you bring to life together?” This question seems simple, but in reality, it can help you to analyze what both you and your partner want!

Make it simple: Ask him what he likes in bed!

At the beginning of a relationship, it’s not easy to pinpoint what exactly he likes and doesn’t like in bed, but it’s still the best place to learn how to provide him with the most amount of pleasure.
Though it’s a bit of a paradox, it’s actually harder for couples that have been together for a long time. The majority of couples have communication problems when it comes to talking about intimacy. I don’t mean that you should be discussing your sexual past – You should be doing your very best to try and understand what your partner likes, wants, and needs. The more you understand about his desires, the more electrifying the sex will be between you.
Keep in mind, you also need to remember what you like and what you feel comfortable with. You should never become just a “sex toy.”
Are you ready to do your best? Is yes, then that’s awesome because I am about to tell you what actions to implement into your love life so that you and your partner can reach seventh heaven together.

How to please a man in bed with an incredible connection

What I’m about to tell you might seem a bit abstract, but trust me… The most important thing during sex is the incredible connection that exists between you and your partner. I could write an entire book on this subject but I’m going to try to simplify and summarize my ideas here. If you want to go further, I suggest you set up a coaching session because it’s the best way to help you as each person and each relationship has their own unique needs and desires.
The more he feels that there is something electric happening between you, the more he’s going to want to take you in his arms, tear your clothes off and passionately make love to you. This connection is extremely important, regardless of how long you’ve been together.
To attain this connection or to maintain it, the main objective consists of focusing on having a solid foundation for your relationship and on both of your sexual desires. You can now discover how to please a man in bed without changing your behavior… You have to admit it’s crazy, right? You don’t have to change anything, you can remain the same, and yet he will see you as Aphrodite herself in bed!

How to please a guy: The 6 things you need to know!

As I was saying above, it’s crucial to understand what excites your partner so that you can adapt to his wants and desires, without pushing your limits. Don’t ever force yourself to do something that you’re not comfortable with because that could cause considerable damage to your relationship.
Each man has his own unique wants and desires, and as I mentioned, you’ve got to adapt to them. Nevertheless, there are some precise rules that work with almost all men! I wanted to share some of the most obvious things with you, but you might find that you weren’t even aware of these things!
1.) Men like feeling like they are amazing lovers. The more you show him that he’s turning you on in bed and that you can’t get enough of him, the more at ease he will feel. This will automatically arouse him even more and lead to an incredible orgasm.
2.) Men like to think that you’ve never experienced anything like that before. “Oh my God, what have you done to me… That was incredible.” If you utter words like these, no man will be able to resist. Not only will you cater to his desire for compliments, but you’re also going to challenge him to be at his very best!
3.) Don’t forget to turn up the heat starting a few hours before you see each other. Sexy text messages or insinuations are important elements to keep in mind when you want to know how to please a man. If you want him to have an orgasm like never before, don’t neglect the psychological aspect.
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4.) To whet his appetite, tell him that you’ve been getting dolled up for him. I got my hair done, I went to the salon, you’re going to like my new makeup, or even better – I stopped by Victoria’s Secret to get something that’s going to drive you wild! Men are visual creatures so they adore having sexy images of you in mind. There is nothing better for getting him in the mood hours prior to seeing each other…
5.) Following in line with the previous tip, always think of your lingerie. This isn’t an insignificant detail! It’s also part of the fantasy.
6.) When you’re making love, there is one phrase that can drive a man wild (and it’s pretty well known). If you aren’t used to using it, take advantage of its effect and you’ll see that he’ll be like putty in your hands.

It is possible to make him orgasm even before he ejaculates?

Ladies, you tend to put less focus on “seduction” once you consider yourselves to be in a relationship. You end up moving right into sleeping together, hoping that you’ve given him pleasure, but without really searching for an understanding of what you really enjoy. So today, we are going to work on restoring the magic of the actual act of sex. The male orgasm is much more than just ejaculation…
Keep in mind that attraction begins with your image – your physique, your look, and how you take care of yourself. The more you take care of how you present yourself and exude well being, the more your man is going to want to make love to you. Attraction can turn a guy on, make him want you, and of course make it easier for him to orgasm.
A man often feels a surge of sensations that place him in a daze. This is when you know that he’s completely connected to his sexual needs.
Continue exciting him with foreplay and don’t hesitate to prolong the mutual pleasure! Foreplay isn’t limited to oral sex; it can be a sensual massage, caresses, running him gently over his pants… all of these things can make him wild with desire for you.
If you have more precise questions don’t hesitate to post them for me in the comments section below. I will write an article on each and every one of these techniques but for now, if you want to know how to perform incredible oral sex, I invite you to check out this book! (Blow by blow) (http://www.blowbyblowmichaelwebb.net/)

How to pleasure a guy and make him orgasm every time

Now that you know how to please a guy in bed and make him climax even before you finish making love, how to attract him and make him addicted to sex with you, I want to tell you that you can have all of this each and every time you make love!
No, I didn’t fall and hit my head! Each time you have sex can be an opportunity to make him have the best orgasm of his life, but in order to do so, you’ve got to accept no longer just going through the motions of sex like a robot.
In reality, three out of four couples admit to sometimes making love without really feeling like it. This how you end up forgetting about the notion of pleasure and you have a hard time letting yourself be transported by the moment. I know you’re going to say that it’s hard with your daily lives and all of the things you have to deal with on a regular basis. For you, the goal will be to let go of your fatigue, the last little comment your partner made that rubbed you the wrong way, and of all of the little day to day things that get on your nerves!
From now on, let’s focus solely on what brings you and your partner pleasure. Each time you want him and he picks up on your desire, you should indulge in passionate, all-encompassing sex in which each detail counts.
When you want to know how to pleasure a man sexually, you have to show him that you know him better than anyone and that you’re ready to turn him on, make him weak with desire for you during foreplay, and to prolong or shorten the act of making love, depending on what feels most exciting.

How to make your man have an incredible orgasm

Even if this isn’t the only way to make a man cum, the moment he ejaculates is really important for a man. Don’t neglect this moment and you are fully authorized to take things into your own hands and surprise him.
To do so, don’t improvise… Start thinking about what the best type of behavior would be, and what works best for you. No, I assure you, this isn’t going to make you stop acting naturally when you’re in bed with your significant other. You can still think about how you can make your sex lives better.
I know I’m repeating myself but though ejaculation isn’t the only element of the male orgasm, it’s the most important one – especially when it comes to making him want round 2!

Sex tips for pleasing your man: knowing if you really pleasured him after he orgasms

It isn’t always easy to know if you really pleasured your man. Surprising fact: some women think that the best way to gauge this is to look at how much he ejaculated! These two things have nothing to do with one another. That said, we are all connected with vibes and energy so if you fully enjoyed it, then it is highly likely that your man adored it!
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On the other hand, if you let your negative emotions (like the fear of doing it wrong) take precedence, then it’ll be harder to gauge whether or not he really found the sex with you to be incredible or if it was kind of underwhelming. Little known fact: men sometimes fake orgasms too! In order to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, you have to be able to analyze the male orgasm and figure out how to amplify it. The main thing I am trying to communicate to you here is that you should stop giving power to your fears, you should let go, and that you should take the time to understand what your partner wants and needs in bed.

Male orgasm: How to make it better than ever

For many women (and men too!) the male orgasm is a big mystery. Many people say that men only orgasm during the moment that he ejaculates; so for just a few seconds.
I do not agree with this idea because the orgasm is linked to a tangible connection between you that begins to intensify with foreplay and then is further augmented when you’re making love. It continues until he comes and it still continues during the moments that follow.
A man’s orgasm is rooted in but is not limited to, his self-esteem. This means that the more a man gives pleasure, the more he gets in return. So if you are like a marble statue while he’s making love to you, you’re not going to get the desired effect! Being active is one of the most important things that you should talk from this article on ways to please a guy in bed, so take note and think about it because it is the key!
Your man will then take advantage of the environment and all of his senses will be awakened. Some prefer the bed whereas others consider voyeurism to be an essential element to their excitement and pleasure. It’s up to you to talk about what actions and settings can augment that passion between you. Communication and new experiences are good ways to answer your questions and know your limits. Be careful when it comes to things like swinging because I’ve already had to coach a couple that separated because they did something together that ended up having a very negative effect on their relationship.
Finally, when it comes to the best ways to pleasure your man, the most important element is the amount of excitement he feels before you even begin making love. Men are extremely sensitive to their sexual urges and if you can get a handle on them, you will considerably increase the pleasure he feels while you’re making love.

How to pleasure a man in bed: Knowing if he faked it or not

But why would a guy fake it? I know that this might seem nuts but you should know that it happens more often than you might think. You might sometimes think, “I don’t think he was that into it this time,” but it’s hard to tell how much he liked or disliked it.
The real indicator of whether or not he’s feeling real pleasure in bed is going to surprise you! The best way to know whether he’s really loving it or not isn’t going to come from his words or from his chuckling; it’s going to come from his facial expressions.
Is he smiling after you’ve made love? Does he seem like he’s in a daze? Did you see strange expressions that you’ve never seen before? If yes, then you were great!
If it wasn’t the case, not to worry. By following the tips you learned in this article, you can have a better experience next time.
Next, you have certain words or expressions that are often used and are indicators of whether or not he really orgasmed. I conducted a survey a few months ago to see what women that are happily in a relationship hear the most from their men after they make love. The word that shows up most often is, “Holy shit.”
Yes, I know it’s not very refined and I was even hesitating about putting it like that on my website but I said to myself, “You know what Alex, sex shouldn’t be such a taboo anymore!” And this expression seems to be a piece of the pie.
Finally, the third point I’d like to share with you is that your score as a sexual partner is no more and no less than the frequency at which you feel pleasure. The most intense it is, the better sexual partner you are! In this case, I salute you.
If you feel that there is room for improvement, take action so that your relationship can flourish and so that both of you may be happy on a regular basis. Your man will be able to open up little by little and even find a renewed libido and satisfy you even more.
You now know all the tips for how to please a man and much more, so that you wrapped up in passion each time you make love! I am counting on you to take action, to excite your man, and to think about what you want and allow yourself to let go!
It’s important to always look for a way to combat the loss of libido and to be as innovative as you can. Now is the opportune time to take matters into your own hands to set the scene, and then in the majority of cases, allow your man to be the dominant one when you’re making love.
He will feel more confident and more viral if you let him.
I sincerely wish you the best and a sex life that is more amazing than it’s ever been. Don’t forget that it’s one of the pillars of a healthy relationship.

Best wishes,
Alexandre Cormont, relationship coach to help you understand how to please a man!


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    It’s a100 percent fact that women are not aware of sex or pleasing their man .it’s done out of compulsion n reaching orgasm or ejaculation is called satisfaction to them .Active role play like being sensual, talking openly about what they want ,how n what position they desire,how they have fantasize with their man all is missing even after years because of fear or wrong teachings . They feel handling over their body to their man is enough.
    On the other hand communication n confidence is important in sex also as it doesn’t allow fear to creep in n both will be able to enjoy as their liking if they talk.when woman will be on the same page like his man sex will always be fresh n new . Both will sense what their partner need and then reaching all the steps of kissing ,oral, orgasm will be out of the world.
    It’s important to start naturally without stress n talk of desire in the manner they like n doing sex in that way will always make the man want more n more in relationship .But keeping all the problem away at that moment is always required to gift ech other fully n completely.
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