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How To Tell If A Guy Is Interested And If He Wants To Be With You!

by | July 13th 2019 | 30 comments

As you begin to develop feelings for someone, it’s perfectly natural that you would want to know whether or not his feelings for you are the same! I know that this is especially true for those of you who have suffered from heartache in the past. You might not want to invest unless you’re sure that the feeling is mutual.

Sometimes you start to have doubts and you catch yourself wondering if it’s a lost cause. Don’t worry, I have written this article today on how to tell if a guy is interested so that you can get a better idea of what he’s feeling for you!

I know it’s tricky sometimes because men and women have different ways of communicating their feelings. Sometimes he seems very attached and sometimes he seems very distant, so you’ve been trying to analyze his behavior on your own or with your friends. This hasn’t proven to be effective, so I will guide you through this article and show you a different approach to love and male psychology!

How to know if a guy is interested

When it comes to figuring out whether or not a man is interested in you, it’s always a good idea to look at his actions. After ten years of experience as a coach in love and relationships, I can say that I’ve noticed that generally speaking, women are more at ease with communication whereas men are better defined by actions. Just because the man who’s caught your attention hasn’t said anything concrete in regards to his feelings for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have any!

At this stage in your relationship, paying attention to his actions is going to be far more telling! I could go into an analysis of how and why many men do not express their feelings but in the interest of time, let’s dive right into the good stuff and go over the signs of a guy interested in you!

If a guy is interested in you he puts you first!

A man that has feelings for you put you first and invites you into his life. If he often proposes going out or spending time together, you can be sure that he feels something for you. A man doesn’t give a large amount of his time to a woman that he isn’t attracted to and doesn’t want to get to know better. The same goes for women who are in seduction mode with a guy that they’re interested in.
Does he change his plans so that he can spend the evening with you, or invite you to join his plans? If so, it’s looking good!

Sign he is interested: Jealousy

If he gets upset or if you pick up on a certain reaction in him when you talk about another guy, his ego is coming into play, but pride isn’t the only thing going on here. A man that isn’t attached to a woman isn’t going to have this type of reaction.
When he’s into you, he’s not going to like the threat of you being interested in someone else. Truth be told, this is often subconscious, but it’s clear as day to someone on the outside looking in!
Just be careful to not provoke him on purpose because this could result in a negative effect on the relationship.

He’s into you if he goes out of his way to make you happy!

This is especially true if he generally behaves this way with people he’s close to. It will, of course, depend on his means and what he can do, but if he’s doing things that he knows will make you feel good, I think it’s safe to say that he could be feeling something for you (especially if this happens all the time!)

He likes you if he only has eyes for you

If you go out and you notice that he isn’t noticing any other girls and he’s 100% focused on you, it means that you have all of his attention. If you make him nervous, you can take it as a sign that he likes you. He can be a bit awkward because you have an effect on him. Not only is this a sign that he has feelings for you, it’s very flattering!

The physical signs that a man is interested in you

Science has proven multiple times that the behavior of someone in love can be observed in the form of telltale, physical signs. First of all, when a man is interested, his pupils dilate. This is a recurring sign of desire. So, if while you’re having a conversation with him you’re able to analyze his eyes, you’ll be able to tell what he’s feeling.
Similarly, when his eyes are locked on you, it’s a sign of attraction. He can’t take his eyes off you? Well, that’s good news!
Just keep in mind that sometimes when a guy has difficulty looking you in the eye, it means that your presence has an effect on him and this can also be seen as a sign of attraction. He doesn’t want you to know how much he likes you, but timidity often gives his true feelings away!
I’m sure you know that his body language can also be a clear indicator of whether or not he likes you. If when you’re on a date he sits facing you with both shoulders, with his hand in his field of vision, then you have a positive answer to your question!
Next, a man who likes you wants to be close to you, so he reduces the physical space between you. He wants to be closer, more intimate. You can see this when he tries to touch you or caress your skin when you’re together.
At a party, a man who’s interested will move to a different room when you do, and he’s the one who will ask you to dance with him. Simply put, a man who’s interested in going to close up space between you.
His body language isn’t the only thing to pay attention to when you want to know how to tell if he is interested… If he’s into you, he isn’t going to let the conversation fizzle out. He wants to be able to keep talking to you and spending time with you. He will ask you all kinds of questions about yourself because he wants to know more.

How to see if a guy is interested in you and not just playing games

Like I said at the very beginning of this article, a past heartbreak might be making you feel suspicious of his sincerity. It’s true, some men are just out there to play the game, but not everyone is going to do the same thing that the person who hurt you did. Let’s take a look at some signs to help you discern whether he’s really interested and wants to pursue something more serious, or if he’s just out to get his kicks.
Perhaps your way of communicating your feelings is quite different from his and you would expect him to flat out tell you that he cares, just like you would do. The thing is, he might not communicate his emotions in this way. It becomes frustrating when you are clear and reassuring and he doesn’t quite do the same thing!
In truth, each man has his own way of acting and his own way of sharing what he feels. So there is no general phrase that he could tell you because there are as many ways to communicate feelings as there are men on this planet! Of course, if he tells you he loves you it’s a good sign, but be careful with manipulators and keep in mind that just the words alone are not enough.
Beyond words that unveil his love, his behavior will tell you how he feels about you.
A good way to tell if he is interested is to pay attention to how much time we want to spend with you. If he isn’t really feeling anything more than just lust for you, chances are he isn’t going to leave your bed before you wake up in the morning.
If on the other hand he is attached, he will do everything in his power to show you how much he is open to something serious.

Do the signs a guy is interested in you always have to be obvious?

Though this is less and less the case, men are “supposed to” take seduction into their own hands and know how to avoid revealing their feelings too early on because it could cause a bump in the road. This has gotten in the minds of many men in our society, and this can damage the beginning of a relationship as they will remain defensive. It becomes hard to be direct and reveal their true feelings.
The easiest thing would just be for him to clearly state his feelings for you, but this isn’t often the case. Truth be told, when a man is too direct, women often flee! This is common in our society and all it takes is one bad experience for a man to learn his lesson and change his approach.
As a result, he will rarely be direct, but he will still be able to send you subtle signals. It’s up to you to be receptive to these signals, and this is when you can make him understand that you’re going to need more concrete actions in order to be sure of how he feels.
You can always take matters into your own hands and explain to him that you’d like to be reassured about his intentions. If he sticks to his guns and insists on being silent then I suggest being cautious. But if he makes the effort and he reveals his feelings to you little by little, you can consider this to be a good sign!

As this article comes to a close, I wanted to share three more clues that can help you when you’re wondering if he’s interested in you or not!

If this guy looks at you with passion in his eyes (and not just when you’re in bed) then you it’s safe to say that he’s very attached.
If on top of that he’s trying to make you happy with little gifts or gestures, and his goal seems to always be to make you smile, to satisfy you, and to meet your needs, then why even ask if he likes you? He clearly does!
And last but not least, pay attention to how he replies to your messages. If a guy is really into you, it is hard for him to resist talking to you, so he won’t waste opportunities to talk to you.

Best wishes,

Your coach for knowing how to tell if a guy is interested in you

Alexandre Cormont


  1. Avatar

    Hi Alex!
    I love listening to every videos you put up on YouTube. But my situation is I’m dealing with someone who is already married and that he knows how I feel but hasn’t act on it , I understand why. But deep down I know he feels the same but scared because his marriage but at the same time I have no hope. Because I don’t think he will ever open up if there’s any feelings for me. Funny thing I kept seeing him around applying centres but I tend to look somewhere else don’t know about him. I moved on with my life but his still on my mind and heart. I’ve never being in a relationship with him feelings came to me naturally that’s all. I would never manipulate his family but I hope it will come to me naturally! I worked with him for 4 years that’s when it all started I hope you will do a video regards of this kind of situation.
    Thank you I support your work very accurate !

    Thanks jean

    • Avatar

      The same situation is with me…

  2. Avatar

    It all takes person to person. Sometimes it becomes difficult when you are going through some heartbreak coz you were cheated and it becomes more difficult to be closer with the next person afraid that what if I will be cheated again. Can’t afford anymore…..the amount of time ,energy , care and love that u have invested for nothing and only got cheated.

  3. Avatar

    Dear Alex
    You always put a great effort to explain the dynamics of relationship for inexperienced woman. What you are missing is to capture larger audience as such. Your reasoning is excellent for young girls in their 20’s. Woman in their 30’s would just rise their eyebrows, in their 40’s the comment may be come on we know all that, in their 50’s or 60’s it is laughable. If man is not attracted at once, you can do whatever you like, it wouldn’t work. Period.. Regards, Gordana

  4. Avatar

    Hi Alex, I met a guy back in March and it got super hot and heavy with dates etc .. he asked me to be exclusive within couple of days and gave me his keys within a week.

    We were though both newly single after a long (8-9) relationship so we decided to cool down and take things easy cause we weren’t ready for new relationships.

    The last month though I feel very disconnected. We both have insane amount of things going on and need attention – and he has been away for a week or so at the time..

    Is it silly of me to just keep giving it time? I feel like I need atleast a couple of months before my life had settled so I can even think of my emotion and what I want from him… but at the same time being exclusive with someone who clearly says he isn’t ready for a relationship sounds weird…

    I don’t mind right now.. again cause my life is super intense ..

    But how can I keep our attraction alive so when I’m ready – he will be too?

  5. Avatar

    Nice one n thank you very much for this information

  6. Avatar

    Thank you Alex I’m learning a lot from you. Now I know I can have a man I want.

  7. Avatar

    You’re amazing Alex. As I read the article, I realize the gestures of man if he’s into you. In my part it’s helpful. Thank you so much for your kindness. God bless you more💖💖💖😘😘😘

  8. Avatar

    Hello i have a question . So I really like this guy he first pursued me and we had been talking and seeing each other for about 5 months then he got diagnosed With Cancer and ever since that he had pulled away and even said he can’t be emotionally available . Not sure what to do or if I should just walk away or just give him space until he feels like he is in a good space to be emotionally available . Please help

  9. Avatar

    I really do appreciate this articles, the keep me going and more so enlighten me. I got a phobia of relationships due to my past ones, I don’t trust any man at all. Thanks for softening my emotions. Bravo

  10. Avatar

    Well. I want to know how often you can use the no contact rule on your ex… Because I have done it 3 times already and I need to know if it will still work.

  11. Avatar

    Alex,i agree with all what you said. There are some things i didnt know and are interesting. Thanks that help us to understand more the world of men. Congratulations on your job and waiting for other videos of you

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Eralda,
      Thank you for your support and for being here. I’m glad my videos have been helpful. I will continue to help you and my viewers to better understand the world of men. Your support is so appreciated.

  12. Avatar

    Hi Alex, i started watching your videos since one week, and iam so impressed. I smile everytime i watch your vidios . each and every video said so truely.
    Thank You so much, wish to see you with new topics everyday.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Aren,
      I’m so glad you are here. Thank you for reading this blog and for your support. So glad you have started to watch my videos and that they have been helpful. Your comments are always appreciated.

    • Avatar

      the man that i loved him from my heart and i was a lot of carried and showing respects several times said to me that i have the obssessive behaviour …..and i made drama cant forget this hurt words after dumping me for a new women and want me just a friend no more how can i forget this abused words and stand stronger

  13. Avatar

    Now I’m in no contact period.I watch your videos they’re really helpfull and I understand that I’am doing true things acordimg to the your videos.And the article is so helpful again for beginning a dating or relationship.thank you Alex🙏🏻

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Yeliz,
      Thank you for reading this blog. I’m so glad you found it helpful. So happy that you are here. Thank you for your support.

  14. Avatar

    Hi Alex ‘n thank U for this incredible article I really loved (I’m surprised to smile on several passages while browsing it) I sensed full of things just by intuition but with all your lights… GOD! I hope I wish not to be wrong
    Best wishes too

    • Alex Cormont

      Thank you for reading this blog. I’m so glad you found it helpful and I appreciate your support.

  15. Avatar

    All these sign I felt in start when we met.he cared me he and he want I looking happy,called me many time and we talked long time but suddenly I don’t know why he changed totally…no call no text even he forget me…totally disconnected.and this attitude eat me insides every moment…

  16. Avatar

    Hello respected sir . Thanks a lot for your updated n prevalent topic of all times . when we r really into someone we like to express our feeling on our way n this is true to all human being .But when it’s real various questions creep in our minds like should I ,is this relation worth investing, is it justice to my emotions ?!!!!!
    True that man don’t like communication , but we can’t sit back and watch gestures to do all the work , little words n communication has to be there .If man is really into his partner then jealousy is seen (fear of losing his love to other person) ,he will have eyes for you among thousands or in a crowded room, being nervous every time his lady love is in front of him . these are natural n not bad .
    To analyze , when feeling are mutual efforts do play an important part . accepting each other in totality with +ve and -ve points shows care n acknowledgement to strong and healthy bond.How both think , what they went through , knowing the work n respecting it shows value n worth .it’s important to show respect and appreciation for each other .such thing make each other keep interested.
    Sir I am not in a relationship but I like to share my thoughts ND views with you . please let me know where I’m wrong n what would you like to say about it .I hope you like the matter . waiting for your reply and message along with the articles n videos . thanks once again . stay blessed , safe n prosperous .lots of regards .

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Ratinder,
      Thank you for your consistent support and your comments. I am glad you are here, sharing your philosophy.

  17. Avatar

    Hi Alex I sent you a message awhile back but never received any answer. I feel in love with a guy whom lost his wife it will be 2 years in September. I don’t spend much time with him because he’s still in mourning. Plus the fact that he had two adult children and I feel he doesn’t want them to know about me because they will feel hurt. We have sex on occasions but I still feel that he has no feelings and I don’t think he ever will. Do you think it’s time that I just let this go?

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Veronica,
      Thank you for reading my blog. So glad it inspired you to reach out to me. I think you know the answer to this question. Your gut is probably telling you he does not make you happy any more. You should change your mindset and establish boundaries you can live within if you decide to continue. The decision is yours and you have to make it, either way there will be some remorse.

  18. Avatar

    Once again you have done it, indeed Alex you are a great relationship coach any lady or guy can trust. Thanks so much for this video because it has enlightened me on a lot of attitudes some guys portrayed, of which i never new and didnt pay atention to. Excellent work . Expecting more interesting videos. Thanks.👍

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you so much for your support. I truly appreciate you. I’m so glad you are here and that you find my blogs and videos helpful.

  19. Avatar

    Hi Alex,

    Thank you so much for the beautiful effort that you are putting in explaining about how to understand men and their psychology. Love all your videos and watch them every single day. You have changed my life so much in a positive way that I have started to love myself more and invest in myself. I feel so empowered!

    Wish you all the best!
    Love you


    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Anjula,
      Thank you for reading my blog. Comments like yours is what motivates me to do what I do. I am so glad to hear that my videos are helpful and have made a positive impact on your life. Continue loving yourself and investing in you, so you can obtain the relationship and life you so deserve. Stay strong and focused.

  20. Avatar

    Hi Alex
    I really do enjoy your videos on youtube and they have helped me a lot in my dealings with the men in my life. However I have a current situation, and here it goes:

    I recently started dating an old friend, he was really nice and did everything right until recently. Unknown to me, he recently broke up with his ex because his ex’s mum disapproved of the relationship and they had no choice but to end it. however, he was still attached and they were seeing each other secretly. I started noticing some red flags when he started cancelling our plans and ignoring my calls and SMS. So one day, very early in the morning, I went to his place and to my greatest surprise I found his ex in his bed. After a month of them being apart, she had resurfaced and he had been seeing her secretly.
    I was hurt and devastated. I graciously walked out of the scene and vowed never to return to that relationship. Later that day he called severally and begged to see me, and when we met, he said that he has finally ended things with her. he apologized and promised to give his 100% to us and never cheat on me again. While he sounded very remorseful and sincere, I still find it extremely difficult to believe his words and I told him so. He took the following day off work to spend time with me and kind of reassure me of his new commitment, and although I have forgiven him, I still have so many reservations now and many doubts on my mind.
    I need your advice on how to proceed from here. What should I do? What if tomorrow situation changes and the ex comes back with the support from her parents, wouldn’t he go back to her?

    I’m sick and tired of dating cheats and being hurt over and over.


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