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What Men Like: 4 Big Secrets Revealed!

by | May 29th 2019 | 32 comments

Many women, whether they are my readers or the women that I work with, would like to know the key to understanding men, or at least a way to understand their actions and the way their brains work. Whether you want to seduce someone you know, your partner, or even your ex, knowing what men like in women and the secrets that go along with it will help you to have a much more fulfilling love life. If you’d like to decode the inner workings of the male mind, this article is for you. I will guide you from A to Z so that you can learn what he wants, and to understand how to better respond to his desires.

That said, I’d like to offer up a warning right off the bat. If you’re expecting to read a big list of clichés, then you’re on the wrong page and you can go ahead and close this page and continue reading horoscopes, psychic predictions, or any other advice that isn’t rooted in fact. Before you go, ask yourself if those kinds of tips have provided you with answers up until now? I don’t think so…

I base my analyses on concrete evidence and precise studies of the people I accompany in my coaching sessions. I know how important it is to get into your partner’s head if you want to really know what men love in women. This is how you can meet their needs and increase the complicity between you! Before we go any further, I want to bring your attention to one thing: there is not one single type of woman that pleases them all, so nothing should prevent you from remaining natural. There is a man that corresponds to you and if you know how to allow your personality to shine through and avoid making mistakes, you’ll have a much easier time revealing your qualities to him.

Why is it so important to know what men like in women?

You aren’t the only person to ask yourself what assets you should place in the forefront and what you need to do to steal a man’s heart, and what’s more, it might surprise you to learn that men ask the same question!

I’m going to tell you something else when you’re wondering about what men like in women, it’s important to know that seduction plays a key role. Women in any situation can ask the same question. Some want to know how to understand their husband’s attitude better, and others want to know how to interpret male behavior so that they can have a better grasp of human relationship. In the majority of cases, a woman that is asking “What men really want in a woman” is looking to seduce someone!

There are different factors that can explain the reason that this question is being asked. I have studied what men like for close to ten years now and some of the answers might surprise you!

This question is most often asked as a way to seek reassurance when you’re in love and you’re worried about getting hurt. In fact, when you’re able to get in someone’s head, to understand that they want (and even anticipate what they want), then you considerably increase your chances of making him addicted to you…and this is exactly what you need in order to make him fall head over heels in love with you.

That said, you’ve come to realize that understanding someone else is challenging because they are not you!

There are of course mistakes, incomprehension is preconceived notions. Knowing what guys really want in a woman is a way to be confident in what you’re bringing to the table and to avoid making common mistakes that often slam the breaks on the development of feelings.

Wanting to be with a man is also about understanding how to adapt to him(and for him to know how to adapt to you). So if you’re not sure how to proceed, you risk falling into a <strong>one-sided relationship</strong> even if it’s subconscious. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons why men end relationships: they don’t feel at ease.

By having a head start and showing that you are unlike the rest, you will undoubtedly get a positive reaction from the man you like, and this is exactly what I want for you!

That’s enough of the mental aspects of things… Let’s jump into the how-to’s as I reveal 4 things that you must know about what guys really want from women!


What men want: The 4 tips that are going to change everything

So, what are the techniques to use when you want to win a man’s heart? I’m going to tell you four things that are going to change the game when it comes to seduction or your relationship.

What do men want in a woman: Someone not too distant!

I know that it’s kind of a paradox because we say that men are afraid of losing their liberty when they’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you should become completely inaccessible.

If you’re familiar with my philosophy then you know that I always recommend using the chase me and I’ll run technique in order to put some distance between you and to not become too invested too fast. Some women don’t do anything because they’re subconsciously paralyzed by the fear of losing the guy, or of doing something wrong. They take no initiatives and contrary to what some people might think, men do not like this. They like to be with someone invested, but not suffocating.

What guys want in a woman is someone who takes the initiative and not only from a distance. This means that you have to find the right balance and a careful blend. So, if you never send the first message, if you never propose dates, and if you don’t seem invested, sooner or later he’s going to drift away. On the other hand, if you are able to find the right balance, you’ll earn lots of points and show him that you’re different.

Never neglect the importance of giving this time, and continuing to live your life because this is the key to knowing what men like and making them fall in love.

What men want in a woman: Complicity

This is one of the things I insist most on during my coaching sessions. In my opinion, complicity is one of the most important things when you’re trying to <strong>make him fall for you</strong> (and throughout the entire relationship of course!)

You know, men are afraid of investing in serious relationships especially when you’re at the earliest stages, or if you aren’t even in a relationship yet. You can’t expect him to have full-blown feelings or to invest in the relationship right off the bat because otherwise, the pressure might result in him distancing himself from you.

When you’re thinking, “What do men really want,” think about this: They want someone who will go through this step of psychological closeness. You’re going to make the difference because you’ll be on the same page. You know the saying, “Great minds think alike?”

What men really want physically speaking…

I’m not going to bust out the phrase, “It’s what’s inside that counts!” It is undeniable that there is a certain physical attraction that you have to take into consideration. I want to point out that this is true for both men and women. If you want to seduce someone you don’t know, it means that you already feel a physical attraction!

That said, we need to make sure that things are clear.

What men want in women isn’t just about the physical side of things. Forget about the false belief that men are only attracted to tall busty blonds or femme-fatale style dark-haired women with striking green eyes. Each man has his own taste and desires!

The important thing here is to know how to take care of yourself so that you feel good and can put your best foot forward. A woman that neglects herself and doesn’t feel good in her own body will have a harder time attracting men. It’s very important to find yourself attractive, to have healthy self-esteem, and to see yourself in a positive light before you attract someone. I am a firm believer in knowing how to love yourself before you love someone else because you don’t want to fall into emotional dependence or to put the person you have feelings for on a pedestal.

This could give rise to an unbalance that can create distance between you or lead to a separation.

What do men like in women: The element of surprise!

10 signs he wants something seriousI have a little story that perfectly illustrates my point. It might make you laugh but it simply changed my life!

The first time I went to a restaurant with my current girlfriend I ordered a soda, a Sprite. During the first weeks of the relationship, every time I was at her house I found a can of Sprite in the fridge…and she hates sodas! So she had anticipated the things I would like and this really surprised me.

She hadn’t moved mountains for me or done anything crazy, she just bought the soda I like when she knew I was coming over! I was so surprised that I thought, “She’s different from the rest…” This is exactly the type of little things that can make a guy change!

And finally, what do guys really look for in a woman?

Each woman has her own qualities and flaws, so don’t try to completely change just to make a man happy!

Just provide him with positive surprises, take care of yourself, take initiatives, nurture the complicity between you, and above all, show what’s unique about you because this is what will make all of the difference. To learn more about this process, check out my book, The Code of Love.

There is something that is even more important than strictly adhering to the four tips I shared with you above, and that is taking the time to do some introspection and pinpointing anything that you might need to change within yourself, will factoring in the man you’re interested in. As soon as you understand what he’s really looking for, and showing him that you can read him like a book, he will see you in a completely different light.

You’ll be in his thoughts, you will have understood what’s going on in his mind, and you will have stolen his heart!

Best wishes,

Your coach for knowing what men like,

Alexandre Cormont


  1. Anna Owusu

    Thanks a lot Alex for reflecting over this vital piece to me. 👍

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Anna,
      You are so welcomed! Thank you for reading this blog.

    • Katerina Zervou

      Cher Alexandre,

      Pardonne moi pour mon francais (je suis grecque). Alors, tes videos sont fabuleuses, de vrais tresors. Le seule defaut c’ est que quand on est en francais tu parles tres tres vite. Je te prie de faire aussi une video pour les “friends with benefits” ou pour les hommes qui restent seulement au “cyber sex” sans chercher pour contact physique. Ces cas Alexandre, ne sont pas de claires manieres d’ expoitation de femme ?
      Je voudrais que mon texte ne soit pas publique.
      Merci beaucoup Alexandre.

  2. Veronica Haberthur

    I have a rather rare situation. The person whom I feel in love with lost his wife in 2017. We were just friends at first and I was there for him during his time of loss. We became very close and we were very intimate with each other sex was tremendous for the both of us. But he did tell me front the start that he will never marry again nor fall in love. I have done everything in my power to help him get through his depression. Bought him gifts was always there for him but nothing works. And he did lead me to believe just to give it time and let him get over his depression over his wife. Now we barely speak to one another. And I really feel like he was a soul mate to me whom I’ve been searching for my entire life. Do you have any advice for me on which road to take?

    • Anna Owusu

      Alex ,thanks once again for explaining these salient points to me and many others who are in need of it .

    • Karen Patterson

      Veronica, I hope you received a personal response from Alex. After I read your post it had me in tears.

  3. denden lazaro

    very true indeed. hearing from you and reading your blogs is such an expose of masculine psychology. you’re right with your chase and run technique. I think men were designed and created to chase, to be the chasers, while the women are the ones to be chased upon. indeed, men and women are different; that when it comes to relationships they would respond differently but both have the same goal and that is to attract or to seduce, to build a stable relationship in the process hoping for genuine happiness with each other

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Denden,
      Thank you for reading this blog and for your support. I appreciate your comment!

  4. Karen

    Bounjour Alex.
    I love the fact that you emphasise that men don’t want a heart-lung machine in the women in their life. I love being independent of my lover. We meet when we have the chance, we both have our lives and separate interests, but also see each other four or five times per week, mostly at night school. And yes, I do anticipate his needs and wants both big and small, but he anticipates mine too. The fact that we are turned on by each other adds passion to our romance, even though we do not always act on it.
    Merci beaucoup.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Karen,
      Thank you for reading my blog, What Men Like. I’m so glad to hear that you are both finding time to spend with each other. It’s good to see couples who are busy making sure that through all the turmoil they can still anticipate each other needs and wants. This is so refreshing. Best of luck.

  5. Lee-Ann

    Hi Alex

    Thank you so much for helping me.

    Appreciate it.

    God bless.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Lee-Ann,
      Thank you for reading this blog. So happy to be of help. You are truly welcome. You are so appreciated. God bless you also.

    • Bless

      Beautiful Alex, well done.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Bless,
      Thank you for reading this blog. I appreciate your comment. Have a good day.

  6. Arlene

    How did I know if the man is serious? Where not dating yet, but we just chatting only sometimes call. 3 months ago until now. Before we should always call but one day I feel that he take distance. He said that I don’t need to date with someone, what is that I don’t understand him. And he take distances.That’s why I gave him distance then after a week we’ve chat again only chat. And I don’t want to call him now I realize that only chat is enough. How did I know if his serious.He saw me before but I don’t see him. He said. Is he serious or not? Why is he still chatt me? If he like that. I think his a shytype person he don’t say his feelings through chat. What did I do? Thanks for answering my question. Have a good day..

    • Arlene

      Sorry he tell me that I am not dating with someone or somebody. Because he don’t like. We feel comfortable each other but he don’t say anything his feelings about me what is that? His playing with me?

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Arlene,
      Thank you for reading this blog. I cannot give you advice to tell you, if he is serious or if he is playing games?, because I need to know more about you and your relationship. It appears that he may not be ready for a serious relationship, base on the information you have provided me. I think you should tell him what you want in this relationship and make your decision base on the answers he gives you. Listen to your intuition, because it will direct you on how to proceed.
      Good Luck,

  7. Ratinder kaur

    Bonjour dear sir .As always never missing any of ur article I went through ur blog “what men wants in a woman” .It’s complete eye opening .Sir u r a path of never ending knowledge n help to go deep inside to know life . That’s why I always look towards u to teach n every time fall I love with you .
    Sir truly said relationship is successful with balance n understanding from both sides .
    Dear sir though my relationship ended ,I want to tell u something.the person had problems within the family,trust issues we’re there, fully depending on me financially.
    Sir thanks 👍 a lot for this 👌 blog .it will always help me in my life . God bless you . stay strong , healthy n don’t forget to give ur sweet smile . looking forward for many more articles n videos to come.waiting for ur reply n messages .

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Ratinder,
      Thank you for reading this blog. You support is greatly appreciated. Yes, trust is very important in any type of a relationship. You make a good comment, that a relationship is successful with balance and understanding from both side. I wish you the best and hope that you will find that happy and healthy relationship you so deserve.

  8. Hidaya

    Dear Alex Thank you for the videos and the articles you shared with us.
    I was in long distance relationship with ge was too much interested to meet me and be together after a while he changed and became an other one when i was prepared to fly meeting him he said that he don’t feel love and he feel friendship and ge don’t have the same feelings u was surprised and shocked also now he is too much distant and changed too much if i text him he don’t respond for a moment even if he is online or sometimes let my text on watsap while i saw him online ….i tried to minimize the distance but he puts a barrieres always i am distracted i dont know what should i do ? i hope you can advice me

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Hidaya,
      Thank you for your support, I appreciate so much that you are here. I’m glad my blogs are giving you insight into your relationship needs.

  9. Hidaya

    hi Alex Thank you very much for the articles and videos shared to us.
    i was in long distance relationship he was too much interesed to me text me every day and all the day and say he is attracted to me..after a time i felt that i am attracted to him but he changed and become an other one after a while i were preparing to meet an see each other while i was preparing for my trip he said that he feel freindship only and he don’t feel love around me so i was shocked and surprised and now he is too much distant to me if i texted him he dont respond for a time until i said to him have nice day….while i was him online but not respond my text i tried to minimize the distance but he puts a barrieres that we are just friends ….i want to ask you for your advice please? what should i do ?

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Hidaya,
      Thank you for reading my blog. Long distance relationships are a challenge and can take a lot of time. At this time, what I’m interpreting from your comment, is that he wants to be your friend. You cannot push someone who is not ready to reciprocate and give you what you need. Take this time to do some personal development and do some fun things for yourself. Remember, you deserve to be in a happy and healthy relationship.

  10. M.

    Thank you Alex.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi M.
      You are so welcome. Thank you for your support and for being here. You are appreciated.

  11. Ratinder kaur

    Bonjour n hello dear sir . sorry if I’m disturbing ur good sleep . Thanks for ur amazing book “The truth about love”.sir it’s a path of ur never ending words beeded with advice n ur efforts . Really wish I cud personally congrats u for it.Sir today went through ur another lesson “I’m not ready ” .it’s so true .Sir questions kept popping up my mind .why man r always ready for friendship with sex benefits ? When they hurt anyone they don’t think twice , but why our ignorance or indifference hurt their ego ?sir I always pour my questions to u . sorry I if u didn’t like .but I always cud relate to u n ur understanding ability . congrats sir for ur success each day . keep growing , stay blessed n gv ur sweetest smile . love you a lot . regards…

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Ratinder,
      Thank you for reading my blog, What men like. Thank you for your support and for reading my book. I’m so glad it has been helpful to you. Your support is so appreciated!

  12. Ratinder kaur

    Dear sir . with respect I extend my sincere thanks to all ur replies to the lessons u teach through ur 💓 videos . sir please guide me as ur reply to ur video “How can I book a session with you “. please guide me .I would love to b of any support if I cud sir . waiting for your reply sir . keep b a rising star through your success u richly deserves sir . looking forward to ur articles n videos which I always go through . lots of love n regards to you ALEX ❤️ sir .

  13. Bongi

    Hi Alex ur advise works magic thank u so much

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Bongi,
      Thank you for reading my blog, What Men Like. I am so glad to hear that my advice worked like magic for you. Have a good day!

  14. Byron Martha

    Thanks Alex. Well I have been dating this guy for like a yr and six months and during the course of our dating he broke up with me like 7times and I usually beg him to come back to me but he doesnt but after sometime he still comes back begging me and take him because I love him. Now he has broken up with now again this is the 8th time I beg him and he tells I swear to God I don’t love you anymore. It hurts so badly cos I love this guy. I dont know why he does this all the time. I don’t know IC he’s going to come bk to me. I don’t know Alex.

  15. Ann Namatovu

    Hi Dear Alex, thanks for the lectures and advise. You have really saved me from this married man who insists that he loves me.

    I will not give him my heart. I promise to tell others about you because they really miss.

    God bless you dear expert.


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