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Is He In Love With Me? Signs He’s In Love With You!

by | May 14th 2019 | 7 comments

What are the surefire ways to know the answer to the burning question, “Is he in love with me?” How can you keep him? How do you construct a stable relationship and know that he’s The One? Would you like to learn expert tips on how to make your relationship even better, ensure that seduction never fizzles out, and learn how you and your partner can make each other happy?

You must surely be reading this article because you are facing a dilemma. On the one hand, you feel like this man is the love of your life, but on the other hand, you feel like you might lose him at any second. If you find yourself wondering about whether or not this man loves you quite often, rest assured because you will find answers to all of your questions in this article! If you’d like to know even more about how to know if he’s in love with you, I encourage you to check out this article!

How do I know if he loves me? Look for these telltale signs:

• He doesn’t look at you the same way that he looks at other women

• He makes plans with you and wants to move forward together

• He accepts your differences

• Even if he doesn’t talk much, he behaves perfectly

• He eases arguments

• He says “I love you!”

Now that you know the principal rules for knowing the answer to “Is he in love with me,” I invite you to dive in so that you can fully understand what he feels about you and your relationship.

Why is it so important to know if he is in love with me?

Contrary to popular belief, if you’re wondering “Does this man love me,” there is a reason behind it. In fact, there are three principal reasons behind this thought: fear of getting hurt, wanting trust, and the need to know his feelings before you fully invest.

I don’t know if I see signs that he loves me but I’m afraid of getting hurt

This is probably the most common reason why women (you are not the only person in this situation) ask themselves, “Does my man love me.” They want to protect themselves and to take things slow.

The root of this way of thinking is the idea that this guy could act like some other men and be unfaithful, want something fleeting, or be unreliable. When you receive a declaration of love, (even if it isn’t 100% sincere), it still demonstrates an attachment and can be believed (unless the guy is a manipulator).

Knowing that a man is in love with you and having shared projects is a good way to overcome this mental block and to get rid of this fear of investing. A lot of people worry about becoming disappointed and finding that the person they invested in just wanted sex or a way to pass the time, and that he never wanted anything serious.

Is he in love with me and can I trust him?

When you are looking for what makes your guy’s heartbeat, it’s also a way of reassuring yourself in terms of seduction, your physical attributes, and your personality. We often mistakenly think that if a man doesn’t get involved with a woman it’s simply because he wasn’t attached enough or because he wasn’t attracted to her.

In truth, there is no point in focusing solely on the physical aspect. Of course, you need a certain amount of physical attraction, but men aren’t as attached to the physical aspect as one tends to think. That said, the most important aspect is that you feel good about yourself and that you are confident.

Knowing “He loves me” definitely does give you a boost in your personal life. You feel more incredible every day and you feel like you can move mountains. Sometimes you need to be certain in order to have this feeling, and that’s why you ask “Is he in love with me?”

I think he loves me but is it enough to think about the future?

How will I know he loves me? The first answer I can give you is to think about whether or not he has projects with you. If it’s the case, it’s a good sign!

When you decide to move in with a man, it’s in order to move forward together and to build. You want to share the same roof, get married, have children… build a life! But before you get fully involved, you want to be sure that he’s the right one, so you want to know what’s in his heart and what he wants out of this relationship.

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The future is often a big mystery (for both men and women), and having gone through a difficult relationship or a painful breakup is enough to make you put walls up. When you’ve gone through something tough, it’s normal to wonder ‘if he loves me’ or if he feels the same way you do.

How do I know he loves me: The first step is to accept your differences!

When you’re in love, you want your partner to feel the same way. Not something kind of similar, not a form of the same emotion; no, you want them to have the same thoughts and the same love. This is where many women make mistakes and create mental blocks because they expect something predefined. When their partner shows his feelings and makes an effort in a different way, it’s no good because it doesn’t perfectly adhere to predefined expectations. This can even make her doubt the relationship and wonder if he is The One? Ladies, it’s essential that you let go of these ideas and stop believing that there is only one way to express love. For some people, showing love is about giving your partner gifts, for others, it’s about taking them out to restaurants once a week, and for others, the ultimate sign of love is introducing your partner to your family, children, and friends.

There is a big difference between men and women and I’m not talking about biology! In romantic relationships, day after day I realize that each person sees the love in a different way and this difference is what gives rise to misunderstandings and arguments. It’s not just about the differences between men and women and in truth, it is very limiting to look at things from that point of view. It’s a more comprehensive view that is made up of countless aspects like a person’s childhood, the way they see love, their needs, and expectations…

Keep in mind the importance of never comparing your partner to someone else. It’s not because your ex or your friend’s boyfriend acts a certain way that your partner is going to do the same thing. Each man behaves differently, and it is also based on the woman in his life. Some men will declare their love to you after three weeks whereas regardless of what they feel, other men will need a few months before they begin to talk about their feelings. Everyone’s personality is different. When you’re looking for those “Does He Love Me signs”, you have to accept these differences.

I should also mention that you also have to accept the fact that these emotions might not be present yet if the relationship is still relatively new. Some people rush things when time is actually a very important element that must be taken into consideration. A man in love doesn’t hide, but if you’ve only been together for a short while and you’re already looking for signs he really loves me, you risk being disappointed. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that he will NEVER love you or that he’ll never commit!

Fortunately, to find out if a man is ready to love, there are clear signs that are directly related to his behavior…

How to tell if he loves me: Pay attention to his actions

A man that is hopelessly in love generally behaves in two distinct ways. Not only is he more likely to be in making gestures instead of verbally sharing his love, he is also making a big effort to make you happy and to make you see him as your “Prince Charming.”

Signs my boyfriend loves me: His actions vs his words

Contrary to what you might think, a man in love isn’t necessarily going to declare his love for you out loud. If this is your current situation, it means one of two things: either you’re extremely lucky, or you should keep your guard up a bit to avoid having a huge disappointment (especially if you haven’t known him for long).

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You should focus more on his actions and once again, there is no need to fixate on exceptional things like dinner in a fancy restaurant or a fantastic weekend trip. Focus on his little gestures that seduce you and make you succumb to his charm. In terms of sex, a  man in love will always try to give pleasure to his girlfriend.

Here are some actions that can answer your question of “is he in love with me” and show you that he’s trying to be a good partner for you:

– He makes an effort to look good for you and looks forward to your compliments

– When you’re together, he is on his best behavior and pays attention to the image he’s sending so that you may be proud to have him by your side

– He shows his love for you by leaving little post-it notes with a heart while you’re sleeping, or by going out to the store so he can make you breakfast in bed

– He takes the time to write to you during the day and picks your conversations back up

– He is there for you and encourages you before important events

– He asks about your friends and is interested in your life

– He shows his investment in the relationship and wants to continue discovering you

– He is there for you when you need him…

You might say there is nothing extraordinary about these things, but if you want to know the answer to “How do I know if my boyfriend loves me,” and figure out whether or not his feelings are there to stay, you have to look at the details. Don’t let yourself be won over with only big declarations of love that inexplicably disappear a few days later.

You may have already experienced something like this: A relationship that has what I like to call “A false start,” in which your feelings play tricks on you either because you rushed things, you came across a sweet-talker, or because there was a detail that caused a problem.

I know he loves me because he goes out of his way to make me happy!

In my experience, the sign that always indicates that a guy is in really in love and truly invested in your relationship is when he presents you with what you want and organizes his life so that he can respond to your needs on a daily basis.

I feel that when a man is in love, he has the gift of organizing things so that you are satisfied. He will be able to bend over backward for the woman he loves and be there for you when you need him. That way, he wouldn’t hesitate to make sacrifices by putting you first.

Be careful to not ask for too much. The important thing is to be able to count on this man when you really need him, and not become completely emotionally dependent on him. If you don’t, you risk making your relationship unbalanced and suffocating your partner. Similarly, don’t neglect the sexual aspect because it’s very important to the majority of men. Don’t hesitate to bring him some pleasure under the covers and always look to keep things fun and fresh by being innovative and looking for new tips. In order to learn about what men like in bed, I encourage you to read this special article:

A man in love is happy in bed but that’s not all!

A man in love is a happy man!

I’d like to bring your attention to another point that I think is a huge answer to the question “Is he in love with me?” When you’re wondering how to tell if he loves you, sometimes all you have to do is look at his state of mind and his morale. If he’s always complaining about his life, or if he’s depressed, or if your relationship is just a monotonous routine of traffic, work, and sleep… Well, it’s less likely that he’s truly in love and happy. So the best indicator is his emotional state and how often he is happy.

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Do you feel that you are with a genuinely happy person? Someone who appreciates every minute you spend together? Someone who is innovative in all aspects of your relationship (sex, going out, communication…)?

If you’re nodding yes in front of your screen to all of these questions, then you don’t need to fixate on words that he isn’t saying, because actions speak louder than words. His actions are exactly what you should be thinking about today.

How to know if he loves me if he doesn’t communicate?

I know that a lot of women have a partner that struggles with communication. Whether he had been hurt in the past, or it’s just part of his personality, he’s not very good at expressing himself. Despite all the indicators you’ve found in this article, you are still wondering “How to tell if he loves me” and how to make him talk about what he’s feeling.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet found another solution other than taking your time. In my experience as a coach, men tend to open up over the course of months and years thanks to increased self-confidence. You should never rush these things because it could make him want out.

So to reassure you, instead of focusing on actions, you will work on coming up with new activities while getting away from uncomfortable discussions. I would also suggest that you avoid giving him big declarations of your love because at this stage it’s not going to help him feel more confident. On the contrary, he’d be more likely to pull away if you shower him in too much love like this. In order to deepen your understanding of men and their emotions, I invite you to take a look at this course.

So to reassure you, you will not have to watch his actions but rather try yourself to plan new activities while seeking absolutely to break with the discussions that annoy. I also recommend that you avoid making big declarations of love because this is not how you will reassure and trust him. On the contrary, he will be more likely to flee if you show him too much love in this way

In order to recognize the difference between a man that is truly in love and a man that likes to play around and isn’t looking for anything serious, you need to take a look at how well he responds to your needs when you want. It’s way too easy to set aside a lovely evening together one time. It’s more complicated to be present and to make the woman you’re seeing feel secure. Don’t be blinded by a few isolated incidents.

How to make him fall in love: The solution for being sure he loves me

Why not do everything in your power to <strong>make him fall in love?

That is the word for word the question that I recently asked one of my coachees who was in the same position as you. In fact, many women are in a waiting period and don’t really do anything to make him become more attached. This is where you shouldn’t just ask “Is he in love with me,” and begin taking action instead.

There are many different ways to make a man happy, and you shouldn’t listen to women that don’t agree or too macho men that think they could never be attached to someone. If you follow that type of thinking, you won’t be able to get ahead.

By finding the right balance between the physical aspect, humor, distance, and communication, you can find a way for him to be truly happy and decide to move forward with you. It is also important to understand that emotions can’t always be controlled and we must be patient when we’ve just met someone. Don’t try and force anything because if you do, sooner or later you will realize that it wasn’t sincere.

In your opinion, what are the signs a man loves you? How do you gauge what he feels? Don’t hesitate to share all of your experiences in the comment section below and if you’d like to go further in your analysis, I encourage you to set up a PERSONALIZED COACHING SESSION right here!

I wish you all the best in your sentimental life!

Best wishes,


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  1. Avatar

    My boyfriend brokeup with me & said he’ll never comeback & he always said to me that he hurted me & he cannot handle relationship.What should i do? We didn’t had conversation since 15days.

  2. Avatar

    I met someone I thought was interesting, I was uncomfortable, because to myself I think he was playing mind game. So when I decided to play the game with him.. He said to me, I’m not ready for a relationship. I’m not ready for a commitment, which I never ask him for any of those. But just by playing that mind game on him he get scared..
    So when he started to loose the game he cried out…
    Then I become more comfortably around him, and become good friends…that’s it, so I’m not in a relationship, I’m not dating, n I’m not seeing anyone, I’m 49 yes old.

    • Avatar

      Believe him when he says he can’t handle a relationship and move forward. Live your life. Work on you and do inner work and self development, Start being open to meeting and going on dates with new men. An emotionally unavailable man is a dead end. Don’t contact him. If and when he’s ready to talk, make him come to you. You deserve a man who is ready for a real relationship with you.

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    I have found so many wonderful thoughts in you videos! And I appreciate that they are short and sweet ! It’s a pleasure to have “ met”
    You on you tube Alex.

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    Hi Alex,
    I’ve dated a man 2 Mo’s now, we see each other once a week only due to our work and time sched.
    For 2 Mo’s we only dine out one time only on that day we first meet. But when I am In his home he just order food and deliver. I am just wondering why he didn’t ask me to dine out once again.
    And we never discus yet about our situation no relationship,we don’t commit because he never talk anything yet. And I don’t want to ask first I just let things happen later.
    When we’re together his so affectionate to me he tries to give me massage, we hug each other watching Netflix and so on.
    My question is until when I should wait him to ask me about relationship? How many months or year I’ll wait?
    Please do help me it really bothers me 😉
    Thank u so much Alex and more power to u!
    Sincerely yours,

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    the little attentions in the nonverbal language..

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    Sir waiting for ur awesome book .I’m aware it must be as wonderful as u are .u r the tunnel of true light of smiles in world full of fakes people . looking forward to always be ur good friend .u r really needed . stay blessed as u always succeed .lots of regards


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