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How To Text A Girl?

by | October 9th 2018 | 0 comments

Is there someone you’d like to seduce but you don’t know how to go about doing so? Guess what. You have an incredibly effective tool for making her fall for you right at your fingertips! Yes, you guessed it, your phone. It’s also perfect for anyone who is a bit shy as you can flirt with her via text messages. Learning how to text a girl you like is one of the best ways to make her fall for you!

By using the tips and suggestions you will find in this article, all the secrets to flirting via text message will be revealed to you, and you will be able to make anyone fall for you! Just don’t start the TEXTING GAME until you read all of the tips. There are indeed certain steps to follow when you want to flirt via text message and you shouldn’t just send random texts left and right. If you get too close, you run the risk of falling into the dreaded friend zone, and if you’re too distant, your target might not understand that you want to take things further.

If you really want to master the art of flirting with text messages, you have to master the techniques and follow certain rules. If you want to find out what they are and increase your odds of success, keep reading because I’m going to go into detail on how to text the girl you want!

How to text a girl you like: When is the perfect moment to start?

There are different ways to go about getting a girl through text messages!

You’ve either gotten your target’s number after you met her one evening out on the town or while you were going about your business one day. Now, you will begin seducing a girl via texts before you begin talking to her on the phone or face to face. The other possibility is that you begin flirting online because you’ve met her on a dating site or app, and you want to get her number.

In the first case, you’re going to take it upon yourself to make your move before you begin to text with the girl you want to seduce. In the second case, these messages are going to lead up to you meeting face to face!

Text a girl: Why this is such a good tool

Have people often told you that you would be the perfect boyfriend or are you looking for techniques that will help your game? Just a few, simple text Texting a woman to attract hermessages can show a girl that you’re a gem, wether you’re looking for true love or a one night stand!

In truth, knowing what to text about with a girl that you like is going to make things a lot easier. The first reason for this is isn’t actually related to any flirtation via text technique… It’s all about the psychological aspect. Keep in mind that the mental side of things is half of what makes up seduction because this is what reveals your charisma!

When you are going to try to text a girl you like, a considerable amount of pressure is removed because you can be much more relaxed than if you were talking to her face to face. Simply put, you don’t have to get out of your comfort zone. What’s more, this isn’t the only advantage! There are four reasons why knowing how to text her is beneficial!

1. Texting a girl you like is less forward!

The most successful flirts all know that in order to do it well, they must be subtle about it. Be discrete about your intentions, at least in the beginning. Text messages that are successfully flirtatious plant a seed of doubt in the other person’s mind, and makes them wonder if you’re actually flirting with them or if you’re just extremely charming!

Thanks to this method of communication, you’re going to fly under the radar and your target won’t know that you’re actively attracting her. For example, when you want to approach a woman on the street, she’ll see you coming a mile away and think, “He’s talking to me because he wants my number.” She’ll never ask herself whether or not you’re into her. She’ll know you’re interested simply because you’re taking action…

2. Use the push and pull technique!

But when you send a text to flirt with a girl, especially when it’s done well and you’re using the push and pull technique, you can catch her off guard and make her ask herself some questions. The more she thinks about you, the more attached she’ll become.

Moreover, when you’re thinking about how to text a girl to make her like you, you know that you’re going to seduce her from a distance. You don’t even need to focus on body language at this stage. Even if you aren’t the most charismatic or don’t do well when you’re talking to a girl face to face, you could be completely at ease with flirting via text.

The game of texting girls also makes it easier for you to make the first step. It’s a lot easier to send a girl a text than to go talk to her and try to convinceHow to text a girl her to go out with you. It becomes easy to dive into conversation because there is less pressure to act fast.

Texting the girl you like is less invasive

The other great thing about sending a text to the girl you like is that it’s much less invasive, which in turn makes the seduction process even more exciting. Now, in order for it to be effective, there needs to be reciprocity between you and your target. You can’t be the only one flirting…

When you want to know how to text girls you’re interested in, it’s not quite as one sided as online dating or online flirting. If the person on the other end of the line isn’t interested, she just won’t reply and if you aren’t blowing up her inbox, she won’t even be aware.

When you want to know how to text a girl, you also need to know WHAT to text to a girl! Though it might not happen immediately, you’ll quickly be able to break the ice without being clingy. (Especially because you can send a text at any given moment!)

Texting someone you like can be done at any moment!

When you’re in the seduction phase, knowing how to text a girl is a huge advantage. You can flirt with her at any moment, and what more could you ask for when you want to change your love life for the better? You don’t have to worry about what time it is, whether or not she’s at work, or if she’s busy. She’ll reply when she has the time.

That said, don’t freak out if you don’t get a response right away. You’ve got to be able to be patient, and if you can do this, you can text with her at all times, day and night. This of course will help to bring you two closer together. All that’s left is making her begin to daydream about you and that, gentlemen, is the cherry on top!

Getting an ex back by using text messages is also extremely effective because it helps her to begin to miss you. Don’t forget that you can reply when you want to and can play up the “I’m really busy these days.”

Whether you’re trying to get your ex back or attract a woman, you can use the Chase Me and I’ll Run technique! If you’d like to know more about this seduction technique that I’ve developed, just click the link and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Knowing how to text women is super efficient

So we’ve finally gotten to the section that is going to reply to the question of “why is texting a girl you like such a good way to make her fall for you.” It’s simply because it’s so effective! The reason for this is simple: if you’ve decided to take the leap, you’ll take a step back and not be obvious about your flirting.

This step back is what will allow you to really seduce her because a challenge won’t kill your game! It’s easier to seduce someone when you’re feeling freer, and if you’re sending her texts, you don’t have to approach her directly. You no longer have to worry about the unpleasant sensations like your heart beating out of your chest, being worried about stammering, or talking about something boring. When it comes to ways to text girls, you can be more at ease because you have a different state of mind. You know that it’s either hit or miss, and that puts your target’s mind at ease as well.

You still have to know what mistakes you have to avoid making, because seducing a girl over text can be very tricky if you don’t have the right state of mind.

How to text girls: The 5 things to avoid!

Knowing what to text a girl you like is going to help you to feel emotionally satisfied and find the right person for you. However, there are certain thingsHow to text a woman you like? that you might come across that you have to avoid. Before I explain these rules to you, I wanted to go over the 5 phenomenons that you have to stay away from if you want to be successful in this endeavor.

1. Learning how to text a girl is not enough!

Whether you are very skilled in seduction or if you’re just starting out, your expertise is going to increase as a result of the interactions you have, and the observations you’re going to make in terms of the person you’re interested in.

Knowing how to text girls is of course going to be a great asset, but it’s not quite enough. You have to understand your target and make sure that you’re not using techniques that don’t apply to your situation. You have to pinpoint her wants and desires.

In each situation, there are positive elements and negative elements. Your goal is now to use each interaction as a means to define what the girl you like would respond positively to. You can move past any complications if you take the time to analyze what works and what doesn’t.

2. Stop trying to be perfect when you’re texting a girl

One of the main issues that we have in our society is the quest for perfection. We feel the need to try and be liked by everybody and to feel very impressed with ourselves. In truth, this affects your seductiveness and we forget the most important thing: enjoying it and stopping any stereotypical actions.

It’s not about learning how to seduce a woman via phrases or attitudes that feel foreign to you… It’s about playing up what is naturally seductive about you!

That means that there aren’t universal rules that apply to every single person. There are YOUR rules and ways to seduce that are going to have a positive effect on the person you want! Don’t try to be perfect or to do anything to make her like you. The absolute best way to flirt with and seduce someone is to be yourself and showcase your best qualities.

3.Texting a girl: It’s hard to get to know her this way…

It isn’t easy to really know the person you want to flirt with and know if she’s the right one for you. When you’re texting, you don’t see her reactions. When you meet up face to face, you can see her body language, and therefore have a clear picture. Via text message, it’s sometimes hard to know if she’s being serious.

In a more general sense, flirting via text messages limits the amount you get to know each other and you risk leaving things on a superficial level. You of course say less when you’re texting. This can also sometimes lead to misunderstandings…

4.Texting the girl you want can lead to misunderstandings

As with any method of indirect communication, you run the risk of your messages being misunderstood and leading to tensions that can cause some attracting women by text messageserious setbacks.

In order to avoid this phenomenon, be careful with what you write and ensure that it can’t be misread. In order to avoid falling into this trap, the best thing to do is to write shorter messages and to say one thing per text.

At least this way, you’ll avoid making your target think that you just want a one night stand!

5.You might become a friend with benefits or risk being disappointed

When you’re flirting with someone via text message, complicity and a connection develop. Attachment can develop before you’ve ever seen the person that you’re fantasizing about. When you see them face to face, there is a risk that one of you (or both) will be disappointed, because there is a difference between a flirtatious text message and seeing someone in real life.

Sometimes flirting only through text messages can lead to a form of idealization that makes you see the other person in a different way while you’re in the seduction phase. Once you stop communicating solely through texts, and begin talking on the phone for example, you might not feel that spark anymore.

The third possibility is that you and your target have a different perception of things. As a result of talking so much via texts, you become closer, but that doesn’t necessarily make them want to be in a relationship, or they end up proposing being friends with benefits.

Now that you know the main danger zones, let’s get to the How-To’s of how to flirt with the woman you want via text messages!

What to text a girl: The main rules!

In my opinion, there are three principal rules to know when you want to know the best ways to text a girl you’re interested in.

1. Before you think about seduction, focus on complicity

It is simple human nature to obsessively search for complicity and connections that are so amazing that you could see them in a Hollywood movie. Though this sexual tension is rarely present in text conversations, a great deal of complicity can nevertheless be quickly created… And I have good news for you, gentlemen. This is what women want!

To know how to get a girl over texting, you have to take the pressure off of yourself when you’re going to reach out for the first time. Just think about having fun and enjoying each conversation. This is how you’ll be able to communicate that you want to get to know her better and know more about her. She’ll understand that you’re serious and that you’re looking to create a nice ambiance. This is one of the most important things when it comes to flirting!
Always keep in mind that your target wants to meet someone with whom she feels complicity, and wants a situation in which she feels a good energy and can be carefree. I bet you’re looking for the same thing? So you know how to provide that for her!

So before you send a seductive text, put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself how you would react if you received this message.
Knowing how to get a girl through text becomes easy if you can take a step back and put things into perspective. You don’t have to ask yourself how to make her fall for you via text messages, you don’t have to consult search engines, and you don’t have to have the “perfect thing to say to a girl.” It’s all about creating complicity between you… Well, at least in the beginning!

If you want to know more about the best way to flirt with a woman via text or in any situation, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for personal, one on one guidance from me or one of the coaches in my team. All you have to do is click right here!

2. Seduction is a game so have fun!

Seducing someone doesn’t have to be torturous for you or for your future partner. This is why it’s important to have a positive state of mind and know how to take the pressure off of these situations. You have to make her feel at ease and make each conversation pleasant and unique.

Avoid asking her the same old questions that she’s heard a million times, and show her that you’re different. Find surprising questions that she’d want to answer, and formulate your conversations around her responses. Show her you’re paying attention. Making her realize that you’re not like the rest is the best way to get her attention, and I’m sure that you will be innovative in your next conversation! Innovate and be funny!

Be a gem!

There are 7 million people on this planet so why should your target choose you? What do you have to offer her?
Before you send each text, ask yourself if she thinks positively of you. Each message you send this girl should be well thought out and make her want to be a part of your world.

Your goal is to avoid acting like a stereotypical Casanova. Make sure your personality is natural and charming and that will attract the person you’ve got your eye on. What’s more, she’ll know that you’ve got qualities that no one else does!

Things to text a girl you like

You have to show yourself in the best light. You have to feel valued and give her a positive image of yourself so that you can attract her. You also have to showcase your personality if you want to make her fall for you.

I know that it isn’t easy to hit on her via texts so I wanted to give you a few more keys before this article comes to an end. These will help your conversations to be as fluid as possible and she won’t be able to resist the desire to write to you all day long.

What to text her: The #1 rule!

Before you send a message to the woman you want to seduce, you have to ask yourself this question. Yes, just ONE question! How do I flirt via textsHow to text a woman and make sure that I don’t scare off my target?

If you’re able to avoid falling into this trap and appearing to be too clingy, she’ll be more relaxed and will respond to you with more ease. Don’t seem desperate… there is nothing worse!

Here is an example of how NEVER to text a girl you like:

“Hey girl, I think you’re super pretty and I wanted to get to know you because I’ve been single for a while and I think we had a good connection. Respond pls.”
And then 15 minutes later…
“Hey I see that you’ve read the message, I see the read receipt, why aren’t you answering?”
And 5 minutes later…
“Babe are you there???”

How to text the girl you like and make her fall for you: Rule #2

The perfect text to send a girl does not exist because each person is different. That said, if you want a girl to fall head over heels for you, don’t for one second think that terms of endearment are going to do the trick. Forget phrases like, “I love you, “ “You’re the love of my life,” or anything along these lines.

At best you’ll look like a guy who exaggerates, and worst case you’ll look like a BS artist or a sweet-talker. Instead of sending her this type of image of yourself, you want to look like an Alpha Male. AKA someone who is confident and knows what he brings to the table.

Things to text a girl you like: Rule #3

The third piece of advice I have for making a girl fall for you over text message is to not always take the initiative to send the first message. In a perfect world, it would be 50/50 between you and her, but even if you send 2 and she sends one, it’s pretty good.

This way, you don’t seem too needy or clingy, you give her space, and at the same time you have some too. You’ll send her the image of someone who wants to invest in this, but it’s not the only interesting thing you have going on in your life.
In order to seduce a girl via text, just be yourself and be seductive 😉

How to make a girl like you through text: Rule #4

And finally gentlemen, if you want to being texting a girl and make her fall for you, avoid sending her any type of suggestive texts or sext messages!
You have to restrain yourself except of course if you met on a dating site or dating app that is clearly for this type of exchange. If this isn’t the case, don’t immediately jump into sending steamy text messages.

Get to know one another and then you can mutually turn up the heat. Give this a little bit of time.
And most importantly, don’t ask her for nude photos! If you’re way too straightforward and put all your focus on the sexual aspect, you risk never even getting to have a first date with her.

Happy texting!

Your coach for knowing how to text a girl,

Alex Cormont


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