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Why Men Fear Commitment and How To Deal With This!

by | June 8th 2020 | 1 comment

At the time I am writing this article, the world is in the middle of a pandemic, COVID-19. COVID is the perfect virus to explain human behavior and more specifically, why men fear commitment.
Right now, the world is afraid of dying, or possibly worse yet for most, getting sick and infecting a loved one. Because fear is the biggest human motivator we are acting tentatively.

We are wearing masks, social distancing, keeping businesses closed, and even keeping parks and beaches closed.
The fear is preventing us from pursuing happiness unencumbered.

Why men fear commitment: The truth!

Well, men, when thinking about commitment, are no different than how men/women perceive COVID. They are acting from a place of fear. However, what some men fear in regards to commitment, is the relationship going from great to shitty. Thus, if he can stay at whatever stage of the relationship that he is currently at, he is happy to do that.

If it isn’t broke why fix it, right? Well, assuming you sincerely care about your man and don’t want to manipulate him than the only thing to do is to remove his fear. Do you Agree?is he in love

You do this by showing time and time again that you FULLY ACCEPT HIM, and even through tough times and adversity you still want to have fun and be happy with him.

Let me show you what I mean through an example:
I have a friend named Josh. Josh is what I would call an achiever. He lives to accomplish goals and strives to be the best. He got great grades in high school. Went to Johns Hopkins for undergrad, finished his PhD at UCLA, got married, bought a beautiful home, had two kids.

Fast forward, the marriage was not working and his wife requested a divorce. He was devastated, he couldn’t accept this and attempted to save the marriage for 1.5 years, but to no avail.
They got divorced and Josh, for the first time in his life, didn’t achieve but instead in his head was a complete failure.

About a year-ish later, he picked himself back up and wanted to find a new partner. Soon after he met Jackie.
Jackie was a great fit for him and fortunately was very patient.

Josh openly admitted to Jackie that he still was not 100% over the divorce, told her he was dead serious about her, but was still battling his own demons from the failed marriage. Jackie decided to accept 90% of Josh’s heart for quite some time. After about 1.5 years of dating each other Josh was slowly recovering and started giving more and more of his heart to Jackie. Fast forward a bit and he was all in on Jackie. He proposed marriage. Do you know why he felt so confident to try marriage again even with immense fear of failing again?

He knew Jackie had his back. She accepted him bloody and beaten up from his first marriage.
You may be thinking why did Jackie devalue herself by accepting less than a 100% available man? She didn’t.
Let me explain, Jackie and Josh were highly communicative and Josh stated where he was at but at the same time reassured her that he was serious about her. With lots of communication, they worked through their issues together.

Ultimately, Josh’sfear of commitment was removed because Jackie was a rock that had his back and accepted him at half strength. He knew that when life’s tough times would inevitably come in the future that they could talk it out and keep moving forward. Thus, lifelong commitment seemed like a Hell Yes because he felt confident that anything thrown at them could 100% be handled.

Why do men fear commitment? Keep this in mind

What else is vital to removing a man’s fear to commit?

You being HAPPY.

If 90% of your happiness is coming from friends, family, work, social activities, and more, while only 10% comes from him, your guy will know he is NOT responsible for your happiness.

If he is NOT responsible for your happiness, he will feel safer to commit because he knows the relationship will change and evolve but YOU have the skills to be happy no matter how the relationship changes.
With this massive skill set, (finding happiness inside yourself), he knows the relationship can sustain anything.
With this confidence, fear is removed and he can commit from a place of happiness and excitement.
Was this helpful?

I hope so.
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  1. Maria

    Hmm… in the back of my mind, the thought that the man I’m dating is afraid of the relationship keeps popping up which feels like the perfect and most logical explanation why he switched from “eventually having a relationship” to “I’m not looking for a relationship because I like my time”.


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