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This is how you text a guy to drive him wild – French Relationship Expert

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You’ve got his number, you want to text him, and you want to make this guy go crazy for you. We spend more time communicating via texts, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram messenger than ever, so what’s the best way to build chemistry and attraction via texts? Is there a certain approach you can take to spark his interest and drive him wild? What’s the best way to set yourself apart from everyone else?

In today’s article on how to text a guy, I want to give you some tips and tools that I share with my clients during our one-on-one coaching sessions. By incorporating these texting techniques into your conversations via text with this guy, you’re going to have everything you need to make him become addicted to you!

How to text a guy and spark his interest

I’ve been working with women who want to perfect their seduction and flirtation skills for many years now, so I can tell you what works and what doesn’t. For starters, one of the most common mistakes I see is a person trying to show their interest by constantly telling their “target” how attracted they are. The thing is, human nature makes us take things that are handed to us on a silver platter for granted. What’s more, we’ve been taught that to receive more love, we need to keep giving more love.In other cases, and this is a less pleasant thought, it can actually be because the guy has lost a bit of interest. That said, even if you’re currently thinking, “He stopped texting me and I’m not sure what to do,” there are plenty of options. There are no magic solutions, but I have three techniques that will help you turn things around and make this guy want to spend way more time with you! What to do when someone doesn’t reply to your texts: The 3 solutions Right about now you might be wondering, “Should I call him” but we are going to need to focus on YOU and your actions. You may also be wondering if you should be playing games to get his attention but the answer is no. Games are never a good idea because they could undermine the foundation of this relationship and you can end up getting very hurt. If you play games, it becomes much easier for him to take you for granted, lose interest and not pay attention to the things that you are doing. Instead, we need to inspire him to want to get closer to you. But how? He doesn’t respond to my texts: Getting busy One of the things that I talk about the most frequently with my clients is the importance of understanding the human mind and how we operate. Remember that we, as human beings, are attracted to the things that we feel that we do not possess, and we take for granted the things that we feel we do possess. When we apply this concept to relationships, it is easy to see why it’s so important to be independent and give people space (and the opportunity to miss you)! It’s easy to get carried away when a relationship begins and dedicate all our time and energy to it. Unfortunately, this is also often when the other person starts to become more distant. They realize that you’re no longer an exciting challenge and it becomes dangerously easy for them to take you for granted. So the first solution when he doesn’t text back is to fill up your schedule and get busy. If he isn’t texting you back, it means he isn’t valuing you, so you have to show him how amazing your life is. It’s not a game, but you can show that your life is fun. If you make it seem inaccessible simply by not reaching out to him all the time, you’ll whet his appetite and grab his attention. Enjoy your time with your friends and family, focus on your passions and your hobbies, and work towards your personal and professional goals. It will be great for you if you can do this. You won’t have the time to think about why he’s not texting you, you won’t be glancing at your phone, and you’ll be changing your habits. This will set you up for longterm success in love, my friends. What to do when he doesn’t text you back: Make your life exciting Remember what I was saying about how people value what they think they don’t have? Well, a lot of the women who come to me asking about what to do when a guy doesn’t text them back aren’t showcasing how exciting their lives actually are. They place all their focus on the guy and trying to get him to talk to them, and in doing so, they wind up inadvertently making the guy feel like he’s the center of the universe. Sadly, after a while this gets boring and he can lose interest. Maybe your life isn’t as amazing and inspiring as you want it to be right now, or maybe it is and you just haven’t been making an effort to communicate that to this guy, but now is the time to make some changes. We want him to look at you and think “Wow, she’s incredible… I want to know more about her and all the interesting things she does.” A man is going to pursue a woman that he thinks he can’t have! So when you talk to this guy the next time, make sure you let him in on the fun and exciting things you’ve been doing. Pay attention to your tone of voice. Show him how happy you are in your life. Tell him that today was the most amazing day because you did something wild like skydiving for the first time. These types of emotions are great because they’re very magnetic. You can share things through pictures as well, and we need to change the communication between you. If you can send him voice notes, pictures or even talk to him on the phone, you’ll have a much easier time conveying your positive energy. I know you don't want to make the first step, but changing the way you two are communicating is a great way to get his attention. How to get a guy to text you: Focus on real life As I was saying above, some people are just terrible texters. I have some friends that are basically impossible to talk to via text but are actually quite fun when you’re with them. If your guy isn’t great at texting, I encourage you to make the moments you spend together in real life extra special. The key to making a guy want to commit to you is to make them associate you with fun, positivity and a great time. The more special the time you spend together feels, the more time he will want to spend with you. You’ll see, it’s like clockwork. Instead of focusing on talking to each other via text message and messenger, think outside of the box and figure out what new places you could check out for dates. Focus on doing things you’ve never done before, and going places you’ve never gone before. Make things feel fresh and he’ll gravitate towards you. Even if you see that he’s online and he’s not talking to you, don’t sweat it. It’s ok if he’s not messaging you constantly. It’s also OK if he takes his time before responding to you. If you feel that he’s genuinely uninterested, then I encourage you to reach out to me so that we can create a tailor-made action plan to make him crave your attention. We can create new reactions, help you to be cool and zen. That way, you can easily show this guy that you are different. To work with me, just click here! Navigating a guy’s perspective on texting I know that we men can be confusing in our actions sometimes. But that’s just it. We’re all about action. So texting isn’t always the easiest way to communicate. We want to have experiences, so I encourage you to really focus on making your life rich with exciting and attractive experiences, and I encourage you to make every moment you spend with this guy special. Take your time and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. The more confident you are in yourself, and the more fulfilled you’re feeling in your own life, the easier it will be to attract this man. Don’t let him play with your emotions or make you doubt yourself. Just work on being the best version of yourself and live the life of your dreams. This is how you’ll attract a man like a moth to a flame and make him crave your attention. Switch up the platform you use to communicate with this guy and allow your personality to shine through! Remember, we want to achieve what we are attracted to and we feel we don’t have. So think of yourself as the main prize. If you can adopt this mindset, you’ll see a huge change in the situation! As always, I am here to help you with whatever you need. Sincerely, Your coach when you want to know why he doesn’t text back

Human nature is a fascinating thing and works a bit differently, and we need to keep this in mind while we discuss how to text a guy you like…

First things first, it’s better to communicate your interest in person than through text message, especially if it’s early on in the dating process. I know that we’re in the 21st century and it feels like everything happens through texts, but we need to build attraction in a way that truly grabs his attention! Because texting is so commonplace, I want you to stand out in his mind.


I should mention that I have actually just released a course on this very subject, and if you want to check that out already, just click here. Otherwise, keep reading and I’ll expand on that later 🙂

What to text a guy when you want to drive him wild: The base

It all begins with laying out a good foundation. The more you know about him, the easier it will be to attract him, so it all starts with asking him the right questions. Show him that you’re genuinely curious about his life, and you can start to talk about your personal life as well.

This is so important because men respond well when they find someone who is fun, uplifting, and interesting. They tend to pull away when they start to feel pressure to be in a relationship, to be a couple, to make rules, etc. This is why I always talk about building attraction by creating interest. So when you’re texting this guy, ask him about his life! I know that a lot of people struggle with this simply because they like the guy and it makes them a little self-conscious. It feels like there are stakes so they put pressure on themselves to be extra flirtatious or even eager.he's not ready for a relationship

There is a simple remedy for this: Just talk to this guy the way that you would talk to your best friend. Let your humor shine through, don’t be afraid to joke around, and don’t think about labels like “the relationship” or “boyfriend.” This way, you’ll allow it to develop easily and naturally. Whatever you do, don’t try to rush things. You’ll only put pressure on yourself and he’ll pick up on it! Just allow yourself to be yourself, and then we can get into honing in on sparking his interest…

How to text a guy you like: Tell him about YOU!

We want to find out more about his life, but it’s equally important to talk about your personal life as well. There is a really effective tool for this, actually. If you can spark his curiosity, you’ll grab his attention.

Look at the difference between, “Today was nice because I ran into an old friend,” and “You’ll never guess what happened today!”

The way you text can create excitement and complicity. In the second option, he’d immediately want to know what happened and it’s easy for him to continue the conversation with you. Then you could go on to say that you bumped into this friend at the supermarket which is nuts, because you met them in a different city. Be playful in your storytelling and you’ll make the conversations fun and captivating. Men love to talk about themselves but they also like to hear stories, and this is the perfect way to share more about your life as well.

This way, he’ll become more and more interested, in your life, and not just your appearance! The more you share, the more you’ll build chemistry. I often see that when a woman likes a guy, she’ll want to get straight to the point and talk about feelings and relationships, but this can undermine you. If you do that, you’re moving too fast so I really encourage you to talk to this guy as if he were your best friend, and don’t be afraid to show him how interestING (not interested) you are! There is no need to play a role or to play games. It’s just going to help you be even more confident, which is something that men find irresistibly sexy.

What to text a guy: Flirtation and teasing

We can’t neglect the importance of flirtation when it comes to how to text a guy. We’re all here because we want to have fun and be happy. Nobody wants to talk about deeply serious stuff that might feel a little heavy when you’re first starting to build chemistry. So be fun, share pictures of your day and show him that you’re enjoying yourself! Live a life that looks interesting and inviting and remember, men LOVE to chase. They want you to be a challenge

So this is where flirtation and teasing can come into play! Let’s say that you dance salsa. Let him know! Talk to him about how much you love it and how it makes you feel. Then tease him when you talk about going out dancing together one night.

“Oh, you think you could keep up with me on the dance floor? ;)”

So often we forget to show our personalities when we like someone, when that’s the key to making them fall for you! The more you can flirt and tease while showing him that you’re confident in what you bring to the table, the more you become a challenge. This is what will keep him coming back for more!

Don’t text a guy all the time!

As this article comes to a close, I want to leave you with one last bit of useful information, and this is huge. If a guy feels that you are constantly available to him, it’ll become easy for him to take you for granted.

We don’t want that at all, so be busy! Fill up your schedule with people, projects, and activities that bring you joy! Make the conversations you have with him fun and flirtatious, and don’t be afraid to take your time to respond to him. This way, you naturally make him realize that your life is rich and inviting. He might even realize that he’d be a fool to not want to try to be a part of it.How to text a girl

My friends, this is where social media comes into play. Even if you aren’t talking to him all the time, you can be posting pictures of all the fun things you’re doing, the workout you just completed, the trip you’re planning on taking, and it will all catch his attention. He will subconsciously put you on a pedestal when he realizes that you’ve got so much interesting stuff going on AND you’re making him wait.

You’re the challenge, you’re the prize, and you’re in control of your life! Ladies, there is nothing sexier in a man’s eyes.

Now, if you want to dive deeper and learn about what text you can send him, the right time, and how to get him absolutely hooked on you… I encourage you to check out the course I just released. I spent months compiling all of my most powerful texting tips in one place, so make sure you take advantage!

Just click here to download 🙂

I wish you all the very best in love,

Your #1 French relationship coach

Alex Cormont


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