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How To Seduce Online: 5 Crucial Tips For Success!

by | June 29th 2019 | 11 comments

In today’s day and age, almost everyone has access to the internet, and it isn’t only being used to check one’s emails! According to some recent surveys, almost 50,000,000 people have tried dating sites in the US alone! It seems that people are looking for the ideal method to flirt with people online!
That said, though there are many people using these sites, it’s important to understand that in order to really know how to seduce online, you have to follow certain rules! The good news is that you’ve come to the right place because I can guide you step by step towards success in your love life…

There are fundamental rules that you have to respect in order to improve your chances of finding the right person for you. I’m going to go into more detail in this article, but if you want to take it a step further and know all the keys to having the best love life you’ve ever had, I invite you to read my ebook, The Code of Love. There are two versions of this book: One for men and one for women.

Seducing a man or a woman online: Why do people want to learn how to do it?

With millions and millions of single people, the internet is the ideal solution for meeting the right person for you. Dating sites are becoming more and more strict concerning the tastes and expectations of each one of their members, and they are becoming more and more specialized so that they can really help you to find the one.
Evenings out on the town and blind dates set up by your friends haven’t been very successful but you still feel a deep-rooted desire to meet someone special with whom you can spend some quality time. Whether you’re looking for the love of your love or a short term relationship just for fun, you’ve understood that it isn’t that easy to find someone that really meets your wants and needs.
Under these circumstances, learning how to seduce online makes perfect sense! You’re going to be able to choose from the best profiles all grouped together in one place, and your choice will be made easy because your criteria will have already been taken into consideration: a person’s physique, their style, their hobbies, the same education or social prestige as you. The best part about all of this is that no one is going to judge you for it. It stays between you and your computer!
What’s more, knowing how to seduce a man or woman online is going to allow you to save a huge amount of time because you will no longer have to organize dates with complete strangers that already have your phone number. You can get to know one another in the moment and place that you choose.
Of course, it isn’t all perfect, but dating sites are very surefire ways to meet men and women. You just need to learn to follow certain rules. Before I go over these rules with you, I’d like to explore the stereotype that we often hear about people that want to know how to seduce online.

Why does seducing men and women online have a bad connotation?

Even if you find the right person that corresponds to what you’re looking for, or even if you’re just signing up, you don’t necessarily want other people to know about it. It’s actually pretty rare for someone to admit, “I am seducing a guy or a girl on the internet!” We can, of course, talk about all the negative things that exist on the internet, but we can’t negate all of the advantages it has! You can be connected with the entire world, and communicate with people who want to find love!
Why would you hide the fact that you want to use all the tools the internet has to offer from the people that know you want a serious relationship?
Well, it’s simply because you’re slightly embarrassed about using the Internet to find love. You’d prefer to meet someone more “naturally” at a party with friends, at your workplace, or on the street. I know that admitting to your parents, “Mom, Dad, I met Sara on a dating app that’s typically used for one night stands” could put the brakes on things!
Moreover, despite the fact that many people on the internet are sincere and really do want to establish a serious relationship, there are many people that use these sites for nothing more than a one night stand, and they give the net a bad name when it comes to finding love.
There are a lot of internet trolls and scammers so you do need to be careful…but these aren’t the most problematic things!
I recently spoke to a woman who admitted that her friends felt that signing up on a dating site, flirting online or downloading a dating app was actually “desperate.” I’d also like to mention that these friends of hers were single and weren’t doing anything to find a real relationship!
Finding the one for you is not simple, and sure, online dating isn’t the most glamorous way to meet someone, but if you spent most of your time at work and don’t necessarily know the best places for maximizing your chances of finding love, it really is not a bad option. Please don’t see using the internet as a means to find the right person for you as something to be ashamed of. You have to make an effort to be happy, and no one can blame you for taking care of your own well being.

How to seduce a man or woman online: Technology at your service

If you are an avid reader of the articles I post, you will have noticed that there is an entire section of the site dedicated to “seduction.” If this is your first time visiting my blog, know that you are smack dab in the heart center of this section, and I invite you to explore all of the other articles available to you after you’ve read and liked this one!
What am I getting at by telling you all of this?
I created my first site focused on seduction in 2007 in order to respond to an increasing necessity: helping people that wanted to meet people. More and more men and women use the internet to find a hidden gem but unfortunately, they often don’t have the right advice on how to succeed in doing so. Thanks to the internet I began coaching and I noticed that the people who wanted to use the internet to seduce potential partners also used the internet to find tips on how to seduce!
They didn’t want to go ask their friends or colleagues for advice… No, these men and women looked for answers to their questions in forums. This is when I understood that seduction was going to completely evolve and the web not only put single people in touch, it offered advice to people that wanted to know how to seduce online.
When it comes to younger people, they don’t necessarily exchange phone numbers with the person they want to seduce… They directly turn to Facebook or another social media platform in order to get in touch. The internet gives you a feeling of control. You can delete the other person at any given moment if you don’t feel like there’s a connection between you (and I’m not just talking about wifi!) This is probably what makes this tool so powerful.
Of course, when we talk about flirting on the internet, we can’t talk about dating sites. They’ve had phenomenal success for years now because they offer a chance to people who haven’t found love in the “traditional ways.”
It goes without saying that there are different seduction techniques. In fact, you wouldn’t flirt on Tinder the same way that you would on eHarmony. Nevertheless, there are a few fundamental principals to respect if you want to attract the most amount of single people to your profile. Let’s jump into the practical advice!

Seduction techniques to attract anyone online: the 5 keys!

As I was saying above, the net brings the entire world together in one single place, so it connects millions of single people. You are not the only person who wants to find true love. Seducing someone online requires that you set yourself apart from the rest. You don’t want to end up like all the people that feel discouraged and think that they will have to be alone forever. By the way, if you really want true love, don’t make your profile thinking about how to get someone in bed with you on the first night. Don’t rush things if you want something to last.
If you look desperate you’re going to have trouble reaching your goal. I know it’s a bit different for guys and girls, but generally speaking, you’re not looking for just a one night stand… Unless you’re on an extramarital dating site…

Rule #1 for seducing people online: Choose a good profile picture

The visual impact is very important and this is the first impression that you’re going to present of yourself to the other members of this site or app. Your photo must be chosen carefully so that you can attract the most amount of clicks to your profile.
Please forget about any photo of yourself that you took with your webcam with your living room behind you. And please forget the sexy bikini or shirtless pictures on the beach. Choose a photo in which you look relaxed and natural, with a nice background.
You want to attract attention but don’t reveal too much about yourself. You want to have the element of surprise later on!

The description should be charming and showcase your personality

When you’re thinking about how to attract men online or how to seduce a man on chat, it all begins by attracting them to your profile and making them want to know more. There are millions of profiles, so you have to stand out from the crowd if you want to meet someone special. You will increase your chances by showing your personality.
Leaving the description section empty or barely filled out is not the best way to flirt online. It just sends the message that you’re not really serious and you’re not really trying to find true love. You’re just there to see what happens.
What’s more, the description shows people that are looking at your profile whether or not you have things in common. So many men ask themselves, “How to talk to a girl online.” Experienced online daters know that if a woman likes what she sees, can relate to you, that sees that you have things in common, she will show you that she’s interested. So the more you share about yourself, the more she can see who you really are!

Patience: The most important virtue when it comes to dating online

When you properly apply the techniques for flirting online, you can quickly meet lots of individuals and augment your chances of finding the right person. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should just jump into a relationship with someone just a few days or weeks after having met them.
When you’re looking for love on the internet, you tend to want to take things too fast and quickly be free of a single life. You do have to take the time to discover each other, and then everything will fall into place.

Make profiles on different sites to multiply your chances of success

In order to give yourself more opportunities to meet men and women that could really be The One, you can sign up on multiple dating sites and dating apps. Ideally, you should sign up on the most well-known sites like Match, eHarmony, Badoo, Happ’n, Tinder, etc…
This way, you will gain access to more profiles and give more single people access to your own. If you have a small budget, you could sign up for one site for which you have to pay and continue to use the free apps and sites.
It’s also a good way to practice and see what works and what doesn’t especially if you are wondering how to flirt with girls online.

Forget traditional online flirting and think about using dating apps!

With the development of smartphones, dating online has been revolutionized.
Apps like the well known Tinder have conquered millions of people around the world. In just one swipe, you indicate whether you are interested in the person or not. There is nothing simpler. Nevertheless, even if this isn’t a “classic” dating site, my advice is that you have to choose the best picture that will maximize your chances of catching a potential partner’s eye.
The advantage of these technological advancements is that they’re all completely free and you can find people of all ages anywhere you are.

Knowing how to seduce online is a great tool but be careful to avoid getting stuck in the virtual world!

Once you’ve succeeded in attracting someone you’re interested in online, it’s very important that you don’t leave things stuck in the virtual world. Seducing online needs to lead to something serious if the chemistry and connection is there!
I have to mention this because there are a lot of men and women that confine themselves to a virtual relationship and are unable to create the same complicity face to face.
The biggest question is how to seduce a person face to face because that is when you’re going to really see if this is going to lead somewhere or not!
Thanks to whichever site or app you choose, I know that you’re going to have the opportunities to meet up in person, and all you have to do is plan the date well. Firstly by applying the advice on how to seduce online and then how to seduce someone face to face, on the phone, or in any other situation.

All the best,

Your coach for knowing how to seduce men and women,

Alexandre Cormont


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    Hello dear Sir . thanks for ur lovely article “How to seduce Online ” .Sir u always 💖 come up with new n out of world .Sir there is no doubt of the fact that internet has come a long way in capturing n connecting people . Blind dates ,one night stands , spending some good moments is a happening concept . Even then deep in our heart there is a vacuum or void unfilled .
    Sir who don’t want to find true love ? .who don’t want to shower his love to the one they want ? There is a dzire to stabilize the relationship with that special with fun , happiness , madness in love n growing together .
    We all need someone to whom we can open the door of our life n world.there s always the specific one who inspire us n have a concern for our well being as we know that everyone is not happy to see us happy . this is a fact.
    We all need to take time out to meet each other ♥️ n it can’t be termed ” desperate” it is a poor cousin sister of words like needy , want or clingy.Its about the New beginnings , laying solid foundation of healthy n strong relationship .
    Sir it’s difficult to know at what moment love ❤️❣️ ❣️ begin n how it started . Finding the partner creates respect (care n submission for entire life )and understanding (accepting each other ♥️ in totality as togetherness is strength along with true companion and true communication.
    Sir visual picture of the partner make each other attracted and slowly the things 🌟 falls at right place . when we are confident about the choice we made,it takes us to places.,
    As I conclude this matter ,big thanks to you sir for your kind invitation to go through ur ebook “Code of Love” . certainly will do that .sir I always like to share my thoughts and viewers with you . please let me know where I m wrong , what needs to be done or anything else u like to say . Thanks once again for everything . Have a great weekend and good time . stay healthy , strong as u move ahead with success n smile . Count your blessings as your happiness keep multiplying.looking forward to ur messages n reply along with ur videos n articles as I gv my full attendance to them . Take care n regards sir

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    Hello Respected Sir . Thanks for the lovely article “How to Seduce Online”.sir u always have something new to come up .I always look forward to it. There is no doubt that internet has come a long way in connecting people . Meeting for one night stands , blind dates , spending some good time is now the happening concept .
    Even with these dates n sites deep down there is still a vacuum n void unfilled.”who don’t want to find true love ?”.”who don’t want to shower his /her love on his loved ones ?”.Deep inside we have a desire to stabilize the relationship with fun , happiness , madness in love , growing together .
    We all need someone to whom we can open the door of our life n world that inspire us n care for our wellness coz the fact is that everyone is not happy with our happiness except the specific one .We all need to take time for chatting n meeting .It can’t be termed as “desperate” .it’s a poor cousin sister of words like needy, want , clingy .it’s about new beginning , laying solid foundation n building strong relationship .
    Seduction and attraction are two sides of the coin that are inseparable . with right approach and right perspective we always find the right person for us .visual glimpses of the person initially tell a lot . when we are attracted and confident about the partner , slowly everything falls at right place.little mystery n charm that unfolds with time keep binding together.
    Sir it’s difficult to know at what moment love ❤️❣️❣️ begin n less difficult to know that it 🌟 started.sir I always like to share my views n thoughts with you . Please let me know where I’m wrong n what would you like to say .
    Thanks for inviting me to go through your ebook “Code of Love ” I will certainly do it 👍. love to go through all ur articles n videos . waiting for your reply n messages .sir do take good care of yourself and Count your blessings as your happiness keep multiplying . lots of regards .

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Ratinder,
      Thank you for reading my blog. I find your remarks interesting. If you would like to continue exploring you thoughts and ideas with me, here is my link for a private discussion around your thoughts and concerns; https://www.frenchrelationshipexpert.com/coaching/

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    Sure Alex ,you are always right .Actually dating and saducing online is not the best way to satisfy our emotional needs, because the risk involved is high. Since you wouldn’t know weather you are talking to a robot or a normal person with values.thanks Alex for this relevant message.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Anna,
      Thank you for reading this blog. I’m glad you are here and that this blog has been helpful. Your comments are always appreciated. Have a good day.

    • Alex Cormont

      Hi Anna,

      Thank you for reading the blog on how to seduce online. I’m glad you found it helpful. I appreciate your support and your comment. Have a good day.

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      Hi Ratinder,
      Thank you for your continue support.

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