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Learn the keys for overcoming love shyness!

by | February 22nd 2021 | 2 comments

There are men and women that find everything to be pretty easy in love. They might feel that contact with other people, seduction, and being in a relationship comes perfectly naturally to them. Nevertheless, other people might feel like they encounter certain blockages that keep them from becoming truly happy. Love shyness falls into this category. You might not feel at ease when people are talking about love and relationships, whether you’re looking for love or already in a relationship. This is a common phenomenon that affects many people.

The first thing I want to reveal in this article is that talking about love and relationships and the shyness that goes along with them would be pointless if we didn’t discuss the importance of self-confidence. Fortunately, you have my site and my YouTube channel at your disposition, which contain hundreds of articles and videos geared towards helping you to understand and overcome a lack of self confidence. Where does love shyness come from? What do you risk if you don’t work to overcome it? How can you overcome it? I will deliver the most important keys for granting yourself access to happiness in your love life in this article, so let’s get started!

Why does a person experience love shyness?

Who hasn’t ever been too shy to go talk to a person they find attractive? I bet this has happened to pretty much everyone because the fear of rejection or looking like a fool in front of a stranger is one not something anyone wants to experience. This is directly related to love shyness. Love shyness doesn’t only concern the seduction phase. Couples can also experience it when one of the two doesn’t dare challenge the other. This of course leads to conflicts because a person thinks that they aren’t loved enough to be allowed to speak out. This ends up being an issue related to a lack of self confidence in relationship.

So how can we explain a person being shy in love? Very often, the easiest way to find an answer is to look at a person’s past – their education, their upbringing, and what kind of relationship you had with others. However, a person’s past doesn’t always explain everything because there is another crucial element. Love shyness is directly related to what makes you YOU: Your personality! This is exactly why it’s so hard for some people to overcome being shy in love. It’s the same for both men and women, and the key for overcoming it is going to be personal development. It’s essential, and I’m going to go more into detail on how to do this in the last section of this article.

Love shyness and self-confidence: Yes, they are related!

I see on a daily basis that this is a phenomenon that blocks a great number of people from being truly happy, whether it’s love shy men that aren’t able to make the first move, or women that have trouble succeeding in seducing the man they want. When they are confronted with this, it means that they’re experiencing a lack of confidence in themselves. There are two solutions when a person is shy in love. Either you play a role and you pretend to be confident, or you close yourself off and “accept” your shyness. So I know it might be surprising, but instead of working on the feelings you’re experiencing right now, we are actually going to go deeper and get to the root of the problem by working on reinforcing your self confidence. I’m not going to make you go tell the person you like that you’re head over heels in love with him or her, but I’m going to give you the tools for being able to approach someone with ease and confidence! how to compliment a man

Confidence is the key to success here. If you pretend to be someone else, or if you don’t feel confident about what you’re doing, then you’ll be very likely to make a mistake that sets you back whenever you’re faced with any problem. You need a solid foundation so that you can roll with any possible punches and make sure that you’re able to continue to evolve every day. Overcoming shyness in love begins with admitting that the issue doesn’t stem from the relationship itself or from someone who is inaccessible. It’s an issue related to self-confidence, fear, and possibly even a lack of self love and it holds you back from expressing yourself properly.

Overcoming being shy in love can be scary…

As soon as you start working on overcoming being shy in love, you’re going to have to step out of your comfort zone. It’s therefore perfectly natural to feel nervous and maybe even put off doing so for a while. However, you have to make a decision. Either you continue to make excuses, or you take action and give happiness a chance. There is not one single person on this planet that cannot succeed in overcoming this love related shyness. There are so many tools available to you and you can find them in the articles and videos available to you on this site. Love and shyness are intimately linked for many people but that doesn’t mean that this can’t be changed. When you have doubts, it’s important to remember that not only are you doing this for yourself (especially if you’re single) but you’re also going it for the relationship that you care so much about. If you continue being shy in love you are going to hold yourself back from being truly fulfilled and inspiring the other person to put in more effort.

For a love shy man or a love shy woman, the desire to preserve and protect your relationship should serve as motivation! If you’re reading this article, it probably means that your partner has made a comment or if you’re single, your love life Is not where you want it to be. I can give you the best tips on the planet but if you aren’t motivated, you aren’t going to get anywhere! Conquering shyness in love is a process that requires that you analyze behaviors and reactions that bother you. In getting a better understanding of yourself, you’ll no longer have to worry about any form of misinterpretations. From this moment on, you will no longer have to worry about love shyness and you’ll finally be able to find your soulmate within the span of just a few months, or make your current relationship better than ever. There is no miracle solution that will fix everything at the snap of your fingers. All you have to do is put your best foot forward and never consider yourself as someone who is destined for a life of solitude.

Involuntary celibacy: How to stop being shy in love

We all have special qualities, and knowing what they are and accentuating them is one of the absolute best ways to overcome love shyness. This is why every single person that I coach, no matter how shy they might be, has been able to develop their self confidence and conquer their fears in love. Is he thinking about me

1. Working on self confidence

As I explained above, you are going to have to really put forth the effort to work on your self confidence. You will also need to make sure that you aren’t paying too much attention to what other people think all the time because this can also present you with unnecessary roadblocks. If you want to attract people and know that people are drawn to you, you’ve got to work on your image, your passions, and to become the person you’ve always wanted to be! Before you can make someone else happy, you have to make sure that you’re making yourself happy. You have to love yourself if you want to find real love.

2. Talking to men and women that don’t interest you

I bet you’re not into going up to strangers because you’re worried about being rejected or what others might think. There is a mental block that I often see: People think that someone is just “too good” for them. “He’s too charismatic so he’d never want to be with me.” “She’s too beautiful so she’ll never pay attention to me because other guys are more attractive.” So you don’t even try to approach this person and then you end up missing the opportunity to speak. If you can already see this going somewhere with this person, you’ll gravitate towards other people that you aren’t really interested in or with whom you don’t really want to invest in a relationship with. What is the point of this? You’re not afraid of losing anything so you’re not afraid to talk to them. But why not talk to the person you really want?

3. Meeting as many people as possible

One of the issues that many people who suffer from shyness in love experience is having one specific person on their mind and no one else. You cut yourself off from others and this just increases the pressure you’re feeling. You’re thinking that if you lose this person, you’re going to lose everything! This is why in seduction, (at least at the beginning) you shouldn’t focus on one sole person. Be more sociable, meet more people, and you’ll be able to make a choice based on your desires and not because of fear! Don’t limit yourself! Just make sure that you don’t fall into the friend zone with the person you want. is he in love

4. Work on your body language

Verbal communication is not the only thing at play when it comes to finding the right partner or improving your relationship. It is often your body language that betrays you and you’ve got to keep an eye on it. You bite your nails, you don’t smile, you look at your feet… From now on, I want you to ALWAYS respect these 3 rules that will make you more charismatic! – Stand straight – Look people in the eye – Speak confidently Be present, whether you’re in a relationship or not! Now I’d like you to keep in mind that just reading this article isn’t going to be enough. I encourage you to take a pen and paper and write down the actions that would make you become more confident, and TAKE ACTION ASAP!

If you’d like one one one guidance in order to overcome love shyness, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly here. I can design a personalized plan of action that will get you to your goal faster than you thought was possible.

Your coach in personal development,

Alex Cormont


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