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What Men Like In Bed: 7 Tips To Drive Him Wild!

by | November 11th 2019 | 11 comments

Are you looking for some tips to drive him wild in bed and leave him begging for more? What can you do to turn him on like never before? Well, you’ve come to the right place because in this article you are going to learn what men like in bed and how to keep the flame alive in your relationship for good!

The sexual connection you share with your man is of utmost importance and it’s one of the main elements that maintain the bond between you. There are also all kinds of stereotypes that I want to debunk, and useful tips to learn, so get ready to learn how to make your man become completely addicted to you!

The things guys like in bed will vary…!

While there are certain things that most men like, it’s important to remember that every person is entirely unique. This means that it’ll be up to you to pay attention to his preferences.

If you’re just getting to know him, pay attention to what he reacts positively to in bed and don’t hesitate to do more of that. At the beginning of a relationship, you’re going to be discovering each other so keep your eyes open! Similarly, don’t hesitate to tell him what you like when you’re in bed together. Men love it when a woman shows him that she’s enjoying what he’s doing and when she tells him what she likes.

The things that guys like in bed, just like the things that women like in bed, are directly related to the feeling of freshness and excitement. You never want to let things become monotonous and boring.

As a relationship “matures,” it’s inevitably going to change and this is OK. There’s no need to panic when things begin to feel a bit different. You just need to evolve with it. You’ll need to continue to find new ways to turn him on, and he should be doing the same for you!

When people have been together for a while, the routine starts to settle in and it can be seen in their sex lives as well. This is why it’s so important to pay attention to what kind of things your partner enjoys and think of how you can keep things fun and exciting.

What men like in bed: The most important things to know!

When you’re thinking about what men want in bed, I also want you to think about what leads up to you two being in bed together. Building sexual tension and anticipation are two of the most important things for having great sex!

You can begin turning up the heat earlier in the day by sending him steamy text messages about what you’re looking forward to doing to him. You could take it a step further by sending a sexy photo of yourself as well! If he has to wait, the desire is going to continue to increase until he can get his hands on you!

Another great tool is the element of surprise. If you two are starting to develop a little routine, shake things up by doing something he wouldn’t expect. This could be anything from talking dirty to him to role-play or initiating sex somewhere you’ve never done it before. Surprise goes hand in hand with excitement and this is the secret ingredient for long-lasting and healthy sex life.

Teasing him is another way to turn him on in bed. Be playful, and be flirtatious. While you’re doing so, don’t forget to compliment him because this is a great way to let him know that you’ve been thinking about him and about his body. When he knows you think he’s sexy, his imagination will start to take over!

As I said above, when you’re looking for what men like in bed, don’t be shy about being vocal about what you like and what you want more of, but you can also tell him about your fantasies and find out about his. You two could try some role play to change things up a bit. This is a good option for couples that have been together for a long time and are looking to try something a bit different, but that doesn’t mean that budding relationship can’t have fun with it too!

What do guys like in bed when you’ve first started dating

The key to exciting a man, especially when you are in the beginning stages of your relationship, is to make him fantasize about you.

Be adventurous and make exciting memories that make him crave you even more.

Remember that men are visual creatures, so don’t be afraid to play up your favorite thing about your body. Make sure you feel comfortable, confident and sexy, and don’t be afraid to be tactile and flirtatious.

Things can be kept interesting in bed by trying out new positions, sensual massage, and of course foreplay! When you’re making love, make sure that you’re enjoying every moment of it. Don’t just go through the motions; show him that you’ve loved it and how much he turns you on!

Take this time to really learn his body and focus on what he loves. Focus on what you love as well because when a man sees how much he’s pleasuring you it’s enough to drive him wild!

The beginning stages of your relationship are so exciting, so take full advantage! Make sure that you’re both always on the same page and that you nurture the bond between you. Remember to not only focus on the sexual aspect and to make him want to spend time with you. Focus on having fun and avoid nitpicking or excessive complaining.

The closer you two feel like a couple, the better the sex will become!

What do men like in bed when you’ve been together for a while?

Many people come to me asking for help with rekindling the flame in their relationship. After X amount of years of being together, things are beginning to feel a bit repetitive and monotonous and they really want to find something to make the relationship feel fresh and exciting.

It’s true that sex is the perfect tool to light that fire in the relationship again! You also have an advantage because you’ve known your partner for so long… You know what he likes and what he doesn’t like, and this means that you can easily play with the element of surprise.

Try introducing new things. It can be anything from new positions or new toys, to new places.

When it comes to what guys like in bed, there is one very specific thing to keep in mind that could change everything! I see a lot of people that want to please their boyfriends or husbands so much that they end up placing them on a pedestal and being at their every beck and call.

What happens next is that the power play begins to shift in the relationship. You’re always trying to please him, but is he doing the same for you? When a person is too won over, things become less exciting.

You want him to want to please you and to seduce you, so you can make him work for it a little bit. You want to be an exciting challenge, just like how you were at the very beginning of your relationship.

Similarly, you can play with being dominant and submissive in bed to keep things fresh and exciting.

Make sure that you always maintain a healthy personal life as well so that you’re never feeling needy or clingy. Clingy or needy behavior can often be one of the main things that put out the flame in a relationship. Spend time with your friends and loved ones, take time to work on your hobbies, and work towards your professional and personal goals!

When you’re feeling better about your own life, you feel more confident in the relationship, and this carries over into the bedroom as well. If you want to learn how to unleash your inner seductress, I suggest reading this article right away!

As always, I’d love to hear your suggestions, so don’t hesitate to share with other readers in the comments section below! What does your man love in bed? What kind of things do you like to do together when you want to spice things up?

All my best,

Your coach for knowing how to keep things exciting in the bedroom,

Alexandre Cormont


  1. Avatar

    Loved the advice, I still haven’t found HIM yet but all this is giving me great inside to know what yo do once I find Him, thsnks !!

  2. Avatar

    Hello Alex,

    I’ve been following you for about two months now. I really like your sincerity and candor about so many sensitive subjects. This article did not disappoint as usual.

  3. Avatar

    What if he doesn’t reply and text back or call me what should i do should i give up

  4. Avatar

    We are both in our mid sixties and enjoy lovemaking very much. We’ve known each other one month and are connected. So after reading your on point suggestions..I feel more confident as a lover and friend to my guy. Thanks Tani

    • Avatar

      I’m an Artist with quite an imagination. My late husband was unsure about marriage until I did not respond. You are right. Within 3 weeks; he was ready… Pursuing me.

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    Bonjuor Alex,woow first thanks for advice’s n tips,for our relationship we have never introduced new things,my guy is not that someone who likes go out,visit new places just for our lve,he’s always committed to his work,so sometimes I do luck those sweet things and I end up goes out with other guy the one whom will take me out have some fun and all that.what we like do to spice up is that sometimes we may have some drinks,teasing, say naughty things about f***k.my guy he’s like a weather alex, sometimes he loves when I blowjob him because I realise that it turns him on fast,sometimes he doesn’t like,he loves new styles actually he’s the one introduced the new styles,so sometimes I don’t get that romantic life maybe he’s because he’s marries so he received different sex from his wives,sometimes I trying to introduced new things maybe such kind of foods surprises buh he’s seen them .to be sincere sometimes I play him for me I like go out having fun visit some places so you see for him hes not that kind of a man.and am still young I need to enjoy life.

  6. Avatar

    Bonjour dear Sir . First thanks for sending the article “What men like in bed”.it was lovely to hear from you after long time .
    No one can deny that amazing sex is an element that leave him craving , crazy for n having you in the mind all time .Both partners feel scared in the beginning of they will be satisfying to each other .so here opening up is important before and after sex in regards to the liking ,desire ,what they want n how they feel the sex positions will be great .
    The “art of touch”takes the pleasure to a new level .soft touches during foreplay , gentle massage,make reaching orgasm to new heights .Both needs to be on the same page fully enjoying each other , compliments their doingswith body , position to keep up th heat .just ejaculation is not sex or enjoyment.
    Man is visual n tiling time bomb to get exploded anytime with mesmerized way of sex freshness each time he comes to his woman.Bringing some little changes with flirty new position don’t allow the usual routine to come in the way.
    It’s important not to suppress urself in the way to please your man or the entire relationship will change . Balance , equal and mutual understanding , spending time together and giving respect also plays a pivotal role in the process of coming together for the priceless enjoyment.
    Sir I hope you will like the matter.if not please let me know where I’m wrong and what you suggest . looking forward to ur reply n messages . thanks once again . Always like u and ur teaching .Be on the top as always coz u richly deserve . keep growing more n more . lots of regards Sir .

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    I want to no if a Guy likes you what van hi Do for you if is playing with you how to recognize that

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  9. Avatar

    We’re in our 50s but i feel this is point in life relationships got bored when you are battling alot of stress especially when men wanna younger women. How can keep up with that? Menopausal woman like me faced even greater challenge. What can you advise?

  10. Avatar

    I Have done whatever he ask me to do that i think it was the right to me now holidays birthday he DONT give me anything but alway say he love me its all about him but when he want something he.call me.his wife


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